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Over the weekend, Automattic company VideoPress announced an upcoming feature that will streamline the method in which self-hosted websites upload content. At present, those who are running the VideoPress plugin on a self-hosted site have to be signed in to their account in order to enjoy the software’s features; such as uploading and managing videos. However, VideoPress will soon join with Jetpack and use its Application Programming Interface (API) to authenticate a user’s account.

In a March 22nd blog post, Michelle W. of Automattic described the future of VideoPress by saying, “Right now, if you’re using the VideoPress plugin on your self-hosted WordPress blog, you have to be signed in to your account to actually upload and work with your videos — not a huge deal, but not as streamlined as it could be. Coming soon, that’s going to change: VideoPress is joining the Jetpack family, and will use the Jetpack API for authentication. (Yet another reason to install Jetpack if you haven’t already).”

Jetpack Integration

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If you’re not familiar with the Jetpack plugin and currently own a self-hosted WordPress blog, then you could be missing out on a slew of features that are only normally available to account holders. Jetpack comes with functionality such as Publicize (for automatic social media sharing), Stats, Subscriptions, Post By Email, VaultPress (real-time backup and security), Extra Sidebar Widgets, Infinite Scroll, and Notifications, which allow the webmaster to monitor and manage website activity.

Michelle went into detail on how the integration will work. “The current VideoPress plugin just provides you with an iFrame that opens up the video administration tools. You have to be logged in to to use it, and so do any other people who want to upload videos to your site. The Jetpack plugin hooks into, giving your self-hosted site access to sweet .com features like social sharing and tiled media galleries without having to be constantly logged in to Jetpack takes care of all the authentication for you, so you can focus on your site. By making VideoPress part of Jetpack, we give it that same ability . You’ll be able to upload and work with video without being logged in to, because Jetpack will be your middleman.”

The blog post goes on to state that not only will the integration simplify VideoPress use, but it will also allow the plugin to be fully integrated with the WordPress Version 3.5 Media Manager.

BuddyPress 1.6.5 Released

In a separate news story on Monday, BuddyPress 1.6.5 is now available for download. The fifth minor upgrade to the 1.6 branch addresses a security issue that could potentially grant access to the “Delete Accounts” screen to unauthorized users. Rob Begic reported and researched the bug, which has now been acknowledged and fixed by the BuddyPress core development team.

The new technology push by Automattic into mobile devices, post promotion and longform blogging are sure to be hot topics at the upcoming WordCamp Miami; set for April 6th and 7th at the University of Miami School of Communications building in Coral Gables, Florida. Last year, more than 400 individuals attended the set of lectures, conferences and seminars.

Front-end development is also expected to be a highly discussed area in two weeks; with a separate American WordCamp set for April 20th in Nashville, Tennessee. To find out more about the Miami event, visit the official WordCamp Miami 2013 Website.

Here at WPHub, we will be covering a large variety of news stories coming out of the Automattic corporate umbrella in upcoming weeks, as well as providing our readers with separate articles on new premium WordPress theme releases.

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  • Comment by Lorenzo

    I currently host videos with Vimeo but I also use JetPack for analytics and proofreading. Might be something to consider for future projects