Automattic Launch VaultPress

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Yesterday Matt Mullenweg announced the beta release of a new service called VaultPress, an automated back up service for self hosted WordPress users.

The vision of VaultPress is to ensure that blogs and sites under its care are always completely secure, regardless of what happens. Today, this means every bit of content will be safe, from plugins and themes to the smallest comment or post revision, with WordPress-aware, real-time, multi-cloud backups. This is some of the most advanced technology I’ve seen interact with WordPress.

In the future, if your site is tampered with in any way, we’ll know within minutes and can take appropriate steps. The VaultPress core engine will be able to protect you against zero-day security vulnerabilities by updating your blog with hot-fixes, even while you sleep.

Put simply, VaultPress will not only provide peace of mind with regular back ups of your blog, it will also alert you of suspicious activities such as hacking/malware etc.

It is not clear how much this premium service will cost but they are obviously still thinking about it as their beta application form asks you how much you would be willing to pay, though it’s rumoured it will cost around $15 per month. I don’t think this is too bad, particularly if the service protects and backs up all the WordPress powered blogs you own.

I’ve applied to be a beta tester so hopefully I can give you all a hands on review of the service and all it’s features in the near future.

Link : Announcing VaultPress