Automattic Opens Hiring Process For 2013

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The WordPress jobs market is already hopping in 2013 with several premium theme companies looking to up their talent roster and continue creating bleeding-edge technology innovations that will further revolutionize the way WP sites are managed and enjoyed. In a January 14th blog post on the official site, WordPress representative Krista solicited applications for a number of open positions.

“Merry band of comrades seeks nice, hard-working, diligent, motivated, fun-loving people to join their mission: to democratize publishing and make the best it can be. Work with us,” the post read. Matt Mullenweg’s brain child website has been a driving force behind the open source blogging software, and the company’s prediction that it will hire 60 employees this year sets a positive tone for developers who are looking to hone their skills and participate in the industry.

The job seeking blog entry on went on to state that the they “expect to hire 60 new Automatticians in 2013. We’re a distributed company: Automatticians work from home, their local coffee shop, co-working spaces — the location in the world where they’re most comfortable and productive. Our hiring pool is planet Earth.”

Specific Job Opening Details

Specifically, Automattic is hunting for developers who write code and ensure proper server function, support personnel who are qualified to answer a wide range of customer queries, theme designers, business and operation managers, and editors.

Automattic Logo

“We need developers, designers, themers, support folks, and more. Are you a mobile developer? Apply. Are you smart about WordPress, incisive, and compassionate? You might be an awesome Happiness Engineer.

What qualities do we seek? We look for people who are willing to work hard, share their ideas, learn from their colleagues, take initiative to get things done without being told, and those who aren’t afraid to ask questions.”

Remote Work Environments

Automattic’s claim that its hiring pool is unrestrained by regional boundaries is no exaggeration. Thanks to Cloud Computing abilities that allow projects to be stored and shared non-locally in real time, coordination of data has become a painless process that can be taken advantage of from any location with a reliable Internet connection.

Nowadays, it makes little difference whether a potential employee is smack-dab in the middle of a large metropolitan area or residing in a remote location thousands of miles away from a firm’s headquarters. If he/she has a device that can successfully connect, then that person is in business from almost anywhere on the planet.

The advent of WordPress theme localization has also made it possible for WordPress templates to be employed in dozens of countries where English is not the official language. Even if you have zero grasp of the English language, you can still manage a WordPress site in Spanish, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese and other languages thanks to Control Panels that are accurately translated across the board.

The WordPress Community

The WordPress community is known for its involvement and cooperation in today’s thriving market. By researching topics on forums and in knowledge bases, amateurs can quickly learn new concepts and coding languages that will improve resumes and increase effectiveness. There are even online schools such as Treehouse that can assist in this process via an extensive video library that may only require a few months to master in lieu of the traditional 4-year university education.

How To Apply

If you are interested in working on the Automattic team, you can use the following link to find out more about open positions and the hiring process. The parent company offers an open vacation policy in which project participants choose their own vacation days, payment of official travel costs, work-related hardware and software expense reimbursement, plus health insurance and 401(k) plans for United States employees.