What Area Could Be Improved On Your WordPress Site? (Poll)

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This week we resume our poll-style article series here at WPHub.com by delving into areas of our readers’ WordPress sites that they feel could be improved. Although many of the men and women who frequent our website are extremely proficient when it comes to manipulating or inserting the correct WordPress Extensions to enhance performance, there are very few developers who don’t keep a “to do” list of improvements that could be potentially made in order to increase revenue, traffic, or overall design. This article will aim to take a look at various parameters within a WordPress site layout, and identify areas in which many programmers manipulate code in an effort to make improvements.

Your WordPress Theme Layout

Many who are in the business of designing WordPress themes fret quite a bit over the final product’s layout, and with good reason. With so many customizable options ready-made for insertion, it is easy to jump into a pre-set design and go with that. However, it may be prudent to visualize how your site to look and feel before deciding on just the right left-right-center distribution.

Thanks to shortcodes, text can also be maneuvered into various column formats; complete with maps, Google Fonts, and many other goodies that are available with simple mouse clicks. Should the sidebar go on the right or left? Do you really need blurbs? If so, where exactly should they be placed?

There are all important considerations to take into account when beginning or modifying a WordPress site.

Website Compatibility

If you’re not currently running a website that is compatible with the latest WordPress release, or having issues adapting to some of today’s most popular browsers (such as Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer), then you’re definitely not getting the most out of your website.

There is also a growing number of mobile device users who browse a multitude of blog sites and even do their shopping from a smart phone, which means decreased sales for you if you’re having issues catering to those customers. The good news is that many premium themes on the market now offer fully responsive themes that will adjust your site’s content automatically when you are being visited by a user who is on a small screen. Especially with the holiday shopping season upon us, having a responsive design in place for your retail site could make or break your bottom line.

Search Engine Optimization

While many themes that can be downloaded contain built-in SEO, there are always things that a webmaster can do to improve on linking, traffic generation and ensuring keywords fall in-line with the general discussion topics they are supposed to.

One of the most important aspects of any revenue-driven website is actually getting traffic and holding onto it, and SEO can play a vital role in securing at least a first impression.

Content Generation

The old saying of “content is king” rings true even today, as it is unlikely visitors will remain on your website long enough to contribute if the content on display is not up to par. Even the prettiest, most versatile website with a complete package of extras will only serve as a shell if you’re not putting thought into what your visitors are interested in.

There are several steps that one can take to improve on the overall content of a website. These include added research and hiring knowledgeable writers. But be aware that your site’s articles should work together toward a main goal for the most part in order to get the most our of your investment.

Vote In Our Poll

This week, we ask our readers which area of their WordPress website they would most like to improve upon. Please take a moment to complete the survey, and check back next week to see the results.

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  • Comment by Shawn

    My SEO is really not that great, but then, I am not looking for huge numbers there. Those that want to find me, find me. The number of really good themes has increased over the years and I feel that my layout is good… and responsive… However, I selected Other because I think security should be listed. After battling a spate of malware injections (all cured now), I think security is job one, content 2 and SEO 3.