4 Great Amazon Affiliate Plugins

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Amazon, as far as affiliate programs go, has one of the most easy-to-use interfaces I’ve seen from a direct affiliate. They offer so many different ways to incorporate their products into your blog posts, sidebar, pages… It’s quite impressive.

That means, of course, that there are tons of developers trying to best Amazon’s attempts by creating some innovative and effective plugins for WordPress that make integration and optimization even easier.

Amazon Simple Admin

Amazon Simple Admin utilizes BBCodes to add individual products (such as [asa] ISBN code [/asa]), and allows you to variably display related products in individual posts. If you’re just looking for a quick, simple way to insert products into your posts and pages, this is the way to go.

Amazon Carousel

This is quite the plugin. Based off of the Amazon Associates “Carousel” widget, which displays the best-selling products from a specified category. This plugin uses shortcodes to insert carousel widgets throughout your posts, or in your sidebar. The way they’ve programmed the shortcodes allows you to specify categories (default category is books, but you can also select jewelry, video games, etc.) and keywords (nintendo wii, necklaces, horror, etc.) to tailor the widget to your content. You can also designate the region you’d like to pull products from, such as Amazon.co.uk, or a slough of other regions.

Amazon Smartlinks Widget

This is a great, versatile, sidebar widget that can be used with Amazon, eBay, or Google. You can display everything from niche products to your wishlist, and the data is automatically updated by way of RSS. The plugin developers pride themselves on the widget’s ability to fit any WordPress blog’s theme, as the size is fully customizable.

Amazon Reloaded

This plugin replaced the highly-popular WP-Amazon, which imploded upon itself on after WordPress v. 2.5. This is a highly valuable (free!) plugin that allows you to search the Amazon product database directly form the “Edit Post” page. It says that entering your Amazon affiliate ID is “optional”, but I don’t really see why you would want to miss out on the insane functionality of this plugin from a monetization standpoint.

If you are looking for a great Amazon Affiliate plugin for WordPress, check out one of these popular solutions today!

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  • Comment by Kimberly

    Is there a way to pull in the reviews from books to our wordpress site?

  • Comment by John

    Very interesting subject, regards for posting.

  • Comment by Chinese Food
    Chinese Food

    I was looking at building some Amazon sites and looking at some free-plugin to experiment. I found your site and it save me time searching for them. Thanks!

  • Comment by Rasel Rony
    Rasel Rony

    I think Amazon Simple Admin is the best plugin for Amazon affiliate, thanks for sharing the plugins

  • Comment by Prateek

    thank you….the first plugin was for me :)

  • Comment by Terri

    I am looking for a way to remove the border around the Amazon products and to resize it in a post.

    I found squidoos’ utility but I’d like to find a free one.

    Anyone know?

  • Comment by Rice Cooker Recipe
    Rice Cooker Recipe

    Thanks for posting these. I’ve been using Amazon carousel and I think it’s time for either a change or just an additional plugin as my Amazon sales have grown slowly but steadily.

  • Comment by Geek

    I do not use some of the public amazon plugins, because some of them come up with their own affiliate id for a regulated percentage of expressions.
    Today I wrote my own wordpress sidebar plugin, what is really easy when keeping it simple.

  • Comment by Pete Williams
    Pete Williams

    This is the link to the Amazon Link Localiser that Wayne recommends: http://petewilliams.info/blog/2009/09/amazon-affiliate-link-localizer-wordpress-plugin/

    I’d say it’s definitely a good plugin – but then I wrote it :D


  • Comment by Fitness Magazine
    Fitness Magazine

    I’ve been searching for the best wp amazon plugins since yesterday, and today ive found your article here. Greatly Thanks

  • Comment by Gary Woodfine
    Gary Woodfine

    Thank you for this post. I was having trouble adding Amazon links on my website, and struggled with it for over an hour. One quick google search, your website and I had the problem solved in 5 minutes, and now some great new tools to use.
    Thank you so much for posting this.

  • Comment by Wayne Lambert
    Wayne Lambert

    Surprised not to see ‘Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer’ on the list.

    This plugin directs the visitor to the Amazon site within their region otherwise they would be put off by paying for international shipping costs and waiting a long time for delivery of goods.

    This helps Amazon affiliates take more commissions.



  • Comment by Toko Pancing Online
    Toko Pancing Online

    Woow i like wpassociate

  • Comment by Fazdirect

    i think “Amazon product in a Post” plugin also not so bad. btw.. thanks for sharing..

  • Comment by Robby

    I would suggest WPAssociate, a cool and very cheap wordpress amazon plugin


  • Comment by Dale

    you can use shopperpress or php.zon for that type of cart system with amazon or ebay.

  • Comment by MXN

    just what I needed for my amazon review site….thanks

  • Comment by rabbi

    Thanks for the share will be using them on my blog…

  • Comment by Sale Generators
    Sale Generators

    great collection of plugins im using WP Mage now and work perfect for me . Thanks

  • Comment by Kit

    Good post, I’m curious if you know of any WP themes that can handle the Amazon aStore program they have. Or, the best integrate their aStore with my WP site. I’ve yet to build the site and would like to make it as painless as possible.:)

  • Comment by Robert

    Hi, thanks for the post. I tried many plugins and i wanted a simple plugin that enables me to add amazon widgets in the context of the posts, however many were not able to do that in a manner that i wanted. Actually i wanted to include the iframe widget from Amazon in the posts on my website.

    I tried Amazon associate and although it’s a nice plugin i was not able to do that efficiently.

    I found another way of doing what i wanted. An IFRAME plugin! That saved my day. :-)

    I see i get much better conversions using the iframe widget on my pages, plus it automatically updates the price and image.

    Hoped that helped.


  • Comment by Dan

    I just use the affiliate tools supplied by Amazon, but I did find a WordPress plugin that allows me to geo-target my amazon widgets which works really good. It is at http://www.geo-zon.com .

  • Comment by Susan

    I honestly didn’t know there were that many!

  • Comment by Tibor

    Another new great plugin: Amazon Discount Finder. This a sidebar widget

  • Comment by Jamie

    That’s a nice collection of plugins. I am looking for something where several of amazon products are displayed together in rows and columns. Any idea about those?

  • Comment by Vusal

    Thanks for your suggestions!

  • Comment by Tim Nicholson
    Tim Nicholson

    Thanks for highlighting these Amazon plugins. I was wondering if you knew of any that could:

    1. Display very detailed Amazon product information, such as the full-page product description and tech specs or song details, etc.

    2. Are their any full-fledged Amazon.com affiliate stores? I had one for my old php-nuke site that was a full store, complete with shopping cart and checkout. I was surprised that I could find anything like that for WordPress. It would be easy to embed an Amazon “Astore” with iframes, but that method stinks.

  • Comment by Andy @ FirstFound
    Andy @ FirstFound

    Great suggestions – I’ll be sure to take a look!