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ImageShare is a simple plugin for WordPress that adds social media buttons to your uploaded images. This allows readers to share images in your articles with a number of services such as Twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook and Digg.

Once installed, any new images uploaded to your site will have the class ‘wp-image-[index]’ attached to it (you will have to manually add the class to older images to use this feature). Images that link to this class will have a range of social media bookmarking buttons listed at the top when you hover over the image. You can see these icons to be 16×16, 24×24, 48×48 or 60×60 pixels.

ImageShare WordPress Plugin

You can also choose whether to only show the share icons on the 1st or last image in your post if you don’t want it used in every one, though I would prefer to simply remove the class (or add it) to control what images use the share feature. The sharing feature can be excluded from certain categories and individual posts too and the colour and text overlay can be altered.

ImageShare WordPress Plugin

The plugin can be set to share images using 15 social media services. Strangely, an email sharing option is not included in this list.

ImageShare WordPress Plugin

As you can see from the preview above, the plugin is discrete but very useful (only appearing when the user hovers above the image). If you post a lot of images on your blog then I would encourage you to consider trying this plugin out as it’s a simple yet effective way of allowing readers to share your uploaded images.

Thanks for reading :)

Link: ImageShare WordPress Plugin

Comments (4)

  • Comment by Rosario Chance
    Rosario Chance

    Good plugin, it’s a shame it doesn’t seem to have a Pinterest button…unless I have overlooked something. Thanks for the tip!

  • Comment by sachin

    how to add pinterest button in it??

  • Comment by Mike Brown
    Mike Brown

    wonderful, exactly what i was looking for, you should optimize the post with some keywords it is difficult to find the content easily.

    worked !!! great

  • Comment by Otto Sverrisson
    Otto Sverrisson

    Great Plugin, exactly what I’ve been looking for.
    One problem though, on most images it works perfectly, however, on some pages it just doesn’t work at all, on none of the images on that page.
    You say “(you will have to manually add the class to older images to use this feature)”
    How would one go about doing so?