Alex King Releases WordPress Post Formats Admin UI

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Alex King and his company Crowd Favorite yesterday released an admin interface plugin for WordPress users and developers called WordPress Post Formats Admin UI.

The plugin enhances support for post formats such as links, images and galleries by adding an admin interface for all 7 default post formats.

WordPress Post Formats Admin UI

Alex walked us through exactly how the interface works for each post format:

  • A set of tabs are added to the post authoring screen that allow users to select the post format they would like to use. The built-in radio button interface is hidden, and the tabs simply control the selected radio button.
  • Status posts are treated as “content only” – similar to the short form seen in Facebook status updates and Twitter’s tweets. Behind the scenes, a title for the post is set using the first 50 characters of the content.
  • Link posts have an additional custom field (_format_link_url) for the URL of the website/page being linked to. This URL is then utilized in the theme to implement linking directly to the external site from the title link (if desired).
  • Image posts utilize the WordPress built-in Featured Image functionality. The Featured Image is treated as the image for the post, and the theme displays it accordingly for this post format.
  • Gallery posts display the WordPress gallery in the tab so that it’s clear that these items will appear with the post. The theme then implements the gallery view based on the post format.
  • Video posts have an additional field added for embed code or an oEmbed URL to be added. This information is stored in a custom field (_format_video_embed). Then the theme can use this to display the video in an elegant way.
  • Quote posts have two additional fields. One for the name of the person being quoted (_format_quote_src_name), and one for an attribution link (_format_quote_src_url). These can be used in the theme to present the quote and attribution in a consistent manner. Similar to status posts, a title for the quote is created behind the scenes from the first 50 characters of the quote.

WordPress Post Formats Admin UI

The interface will be integrated into the design of their upcoming design FavePersonal. Alex also hinted that it may eventually be integrated into the core version of WordPress in some shape or form to..


Link: WordPress Post Formats Admin UI

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  • Comment by Dave

    Hi, do you happen to know a good way of integrating this UI code into an existing theme? Alex states on his page that it’s not, in fact, a plugin, so therefore it needs to be integrated right into a theme. The problem is, I’m not sure exactly how to do this. Any help?