Two New Free WordPress Plugins: Advanced Page Manager and HiDPI Gravatars

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If you’re a developer who enjoys Beta testing WordPress plugins and providing feedback in order to improve the final product once it is officially released, then you might want to try out Advanced Page Manager Version 0.6 (BETA) by Uncategorized Creations.

According to a recent post on, Advanced Page Manager is a “new way to create, move, edit and publish your pages for your favorite CMS. Current UI makes it difficult to manage a whole tree of pages. Advanced Page Manager aims to create a totally new Page Manager Panel designed to help you get the job done.”

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Advanced Page Manager Usage

So what advantages does a page manager give WordPress site webmasters over the traditional back-end method of administrating multiple pages within a CMS? For one, this plugin will give you an easy-to-understand page tree that will present your pages within the Control Panel in a unique format that gives quick access to all the options you need to alter them. This is great for one click access by professionals who prefer a more “branch-out” graphic design of material that requires editing.

Advanced Page Manager Page Layout

This plugin will remember the current status of each page within the CMS so you won’t have to manually go back and search for a page that you’ve just recently edited, plus you can Browse and Hide/Show sub pages with one click of your mouse or mobile device button.

There are only two publication statuses which come with the APM plugin, so your pages will show up on the back-end as either “Published” or “Unpublished,” which makes it simple to identify which content is up and running. The APM user interface is easy to grasp and should not present an issue to those who have come to enjoy the WordPress UI.

You will not need to modify your current WordPress themes in order to get Advanced Page Manager to work properly. Pages are still listed as such, even when they are being managed by the new plugin. However, there are a new set of template tags which are optional and helpful if you have a use for them.

Plugin Compatibility And Vitals

The Advanced Page Manager plugin BETA Version 0.6 is only compatible with WordPress 3.4.2, and was uploaded on November 3rd. At the time this article was written, the plugin had a total of 172 downloads and only one Star Rating (4 out of 5 Stars). The Beta tester who took the time to leave a review comment on had good things to say about the product so far. “Even for a BETA is working great. Thanks a lot,” said user KaleBatzZ.

There is no complicated installation process involved in going live with the Beta version of APM. All you have to do is upload advanced-page-manager to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and then Activate it via the Plugins menu in WordPress. When you click on the Pages tab within your Dashboard, the new management panel will appear automatically if you’ve installed it correctly.

HiDPI Gravatars

Using JavaScript, HiDPI Gravatars is a plugin that will replace the normal-res Gravatars on your site with new ones that are HiDPI. This means that your blog’s comments will now be much more visually appealing to front-end users who are browsing your content via a Retina device.

This free plugin was uploaded on November 6th and has only 38 downloads currently with one Star Rating to its credit (5 out of 5 Stars). User miqrogroove commented that the plugin looks “great on iPad. I am the plugin author, and I am using the plugin on my own website. It is working perfectly for me as designed and it makes all the Gravatars look much nicer when I’m using an iPad.”

Version 1.0 of HiDPI Gravatars can be downloaded by clicking the link here.

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