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Advanced Facebook Content Locker is a WordPress plugin that lets you lock the content of any page until the visitor likes the page. I’ve seen this technique being used on a lot of websites through the net. It’s a bit of an aggressive way of marketing your website though I have no doubt it works well when promoting competitions, free downloads and offers.

The plugin locks the content by placing a pop up message over the page content. You can make the pop up title take the title of the page that it being shown on or you can create a custom message. The message can be as short or as long as you like. The WordPress post editor is used for creating messages so it’s easy to add images, quotes and lists to your pop up.

Advanced Facebook Content Locker Settings

The style of the pop up can be changed easily via the settings area. The title colours, message background colour and border can all be customised. One of the key settings you need to change is the background opacity percentage. A value of 0 will show the page clearly in the background whilst 100 percent will be incredibly dark. A dark setting is better if you want to hide the text on the page (as it a large pop up message).

You can customise the URL of the page that should be liked. This would allow you to force all visitors to like the same page e.g. a featured article you are trying to promote. I expect most users will use auto URL so that the current page URL is the one being liked. You can choose from the standard , button and box Facebook like buttons. Light and dark versions of each buttons can be selected too.

Advanced Facebook Content Locker Settings

There are two timing options. Delay and lock. Delay sets the time it takes for your pop up to appear. The default is 1 second though you can set this higher if you wish. The lock time is also very important as that sets the time it takes for the pop up to disappear. A high lock time will effectively force users to like your page before they see it.

Advanced Facebook Content Locker Message

The message can be shown on your homepage, all posts or all pages. You can also show the countdown timer and exit button and there is an option to keep showing the pop up even if the user ignores it.

Advanced Facebook Content Locker

I’m not sure this type of plugin will be accepted by general blog readers. A short time delay is a minor inconvenience to most people though by setting the time delay high you are effectively forcing people to like your page or they won’t see the page. Many people, including myself, would be frustrated by this and it’s important not to discount the fact that many internet users don’t use Facebook (plus it’s annoying to those who do use Facebook but aren’t signed in).

There’s no denying that the plugin works very well so if you are looking for a way to hide your content unless someone likes your page, this is the solution for you. Advanced Facebook Content Locker only costs $7 from CodeCanyon. I recommend checking the demo out first before purchasing to see if you like the way the plugin works.

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Link: Advanced Facebook Content Locker

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  • Comment by nebulasdesign

    What a fantastic plugin, a great idea.

  • Comment by Robert

    This is exactly what i was looking for!
    it worths the 7$ totally
    Thank you so much