Add Tags To Your Posts Automatically With Web Ninja Auto Tagging System

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Tagging is one of the best features of WordPress. It allows you to categorise your posts beyond attaching them to one or more categories. Tag clouds may not be as popular as they once were and they might not give you the SEO benefits that you think they do, though I still believe its useful to tag your posts.

You may find adding tags to blog posts a pain. Thankfully, there is a plugin that helps you automate this process. Web Ninja Auto Tagging System is a simple plugin that uses the and yahoo yql services to automatically add tags to your posts. The plugin searches your content whenever you save or update a post and then adds appropriate tags to the post.

Web Ninja Auto Tagging System

Before you save your article you will see the blank post tags box at the side of your page.

Web Ninja Auto Tagging System

Once you have saved your post the tag box will be populated with suitable tags from your content.

Web Ninja Auto Tagging System

Two useful features are the ability to add tags to all posts without tags and re-tag all posts. Re-tagging is useful if have changed content in a lot of posts recently and want the tags updated.

If you use tags on your website, or are thinking of adding them, I recommend checking Web Ninja Auto Tagging System out. It’s a useful of automatically tags to your posts or giving you ideas for tags if your mind is blank.


Link: Web Ninja Auto Tagging System

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  • Comment by Devtard

    My plugin Automatic Post Tagger is better. Check it out.

  • Comment by Erwin Miradi
    Erwin Miradi

    I think I’ve used another plugin with similar function. If I’m not mistaken, the name was Simple Tags plugin.