10 WordPress Plugins That Let You Leave Notes In Your Admin Area

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I regularly take notes for the websites I run. Over the last few years I have used the excellent Google Docs service to note down any good articles, plugins and themes that I have come across. I also use it as a place to note ideas and research future articles.

Lately I have been trying to make myself more productive and centralise everything through my websites. For example, I check my Feedburner stats through my admin area using Feed Stats for WordPress and check my traffic there too with using the Google Analytics Dashboard plugin. Therefore I looked into what plugins are available for taking notes directly in your WordPress area.

Below you will find a list of the best note plugins I have found. Some plugins only allow notes to be viewed by admin whilst others allow staff members to view notes too. My peronal favourite is Dashboard Notepad. It allows you to add notes to your dashboard very easily and you can set which usergroups can edit the notes and which can view them.

Dedicated Note Pages

These plugins create a dedicated page in your admin area where you can add notes and edit them when necessary.

1. Sticky Note

Sticky Note adds a simple page that allows you to leave notes for yourself. The page is linked from the settings area in WordPress. I tested the plugin in my test area and it didn’t work because my test area is installed in a sub folder (e.g. www.site.com/subfolder/). The plugin works fine if your WordPress installation is in the root of your domain.

Sticky Note WordPress Plugin

Sticky Note: Info & Download

2. Kahi’s WP Notes

Similar to Sticky Note, Kahi’s WP Notes adds a page to your admin area in which you can add extensive notes. A useful plugin if you want to write more than just a few sentences.

Kahi's WP Notes

Kahi’s WP Notes: Information & Download

3. Admin Notes

Places a notes page in the tools area of your website.

Admin Notes

Admin Notes: Information & Download

Dashboard Note Widgets

Plugins that add a note widget directly to the WordPress dashboard area.

4. Dashboard Post-it

Adds a configurable widget to your dashboard in which you can add notes. OK for those who just want something basic though be aware that the text will be erased when the plugin is upgraded.

Dashboard Post-it

Dashboard Post-it: Information & Download

5. ZigDashNote

A plugin that is almost identical to the Dashboard Post-it plugin.


ZigDashNote: Information & Download

6. Dashboard Notepad

The plugin that I am currently using on WP Mods. Like other plugins, a widget is added to your dashboard area, however Dashboard Notepad also allows you to set which user group can edit notes and which user groups can view them.

Dashboard Notepad

Dashboard Notepad: Information & Download

7. Peter’s Post Notes

Peter’s Post Notes is an interesting plugin that website owners with a lot of staff will find useful. Firstly, the plugin gives you the ability for authors to leave a note in the sidebar next to the post editor. The note is then displayed prominently to everyone who edits that post.

Peter's Post Notes

Notes that authors have left are also displayed in the dashboard area under ‘Collaboration Notes’. There is also a general notes widget an option to make notes private.

Peter's Post Notes

Peter’s Post Notes: Information & Download

8. Dashboard Notepads

Allows you to add up to three different note plugins to your dashboard. Each notepad can be configured to only be edited or shown by certain user groups.

Dashboard Notepads

Dashboard Notepads: Information & Download

Leave Short Messages For Other Admin

The following two plugins allow you to leave short messages for fellow administrators.

9. Admin Header Note

Adds a short message to the top of the admin area that all administrators can see. You can make the text linkable too so you could always place a permanent link to another area that displays more information.

Admin Header Note

Admin Header Note: Information & Download

10. In Context Admin Notes

A peculiar plugin that allows you to post secret notes to other admin in posts and pages. By using the short code [adminnote]text here[/adminnote] you can add your secret message to any article.

In Context Admin Notes

The message is shown in red to draw attention to other admins. Would be useful if many people were modifying the same article.

In Context Admin Notes

In Context Admin Notes: Information & Download

I hope you have enjoyed the list. I also tested WordNote and Clipboard Express however they were not working correctly so I wouldn’t recommend them :)

What’s your favourite plugin for adding notes to WordPress?


Comments (7)

  • Comment by Julia

    Thank you so much for this article. Peter’s Post Notes was exactly what I needed. I manage a lot of articles and needed a place to make notes for myself and my partner. I may look into the others you’ve mentioned too. Added to Pocket.

  • Comment by SturZ

    Hi guys

    For me they look all almost the same. Do you know if there’s a plugin to manage and comment the plugins i’ve installed? Thus i could leave a note for plugin a, another note for plugin b, etc.?

    Sometimes i adapt the plugins codes for my purposes,so i’d like to leave notes for future admins of the page who don’t know where were made which changes.

    kind regards

    SturZ Admin

  • Comment by Seiltanzer

    Thanks it’s exactly what I searching ! But now I don’t know what to choose ^^

  • Comment by Mark

    How about something that appears on your actual website? I’d like to do something like a Twitter feed box, except I can manually enter the items. Searched the plugins page but didn’t see anything. Thanks!

  • Comment by George Serradinho
    George Serradinho

    Thanks for this. I have so many ideas or stuff to do that I have a normal text file on my laptop to keep it all. I will have a look at the plugins you mention in this post and see if they are right for me.

    If not, then I will just write my own as I have written a few of my own sidebar plugins (widgets) for my own blog. They have much more features than what you find in the WP plugin directory. I just have not had the time to make them available to others yet as I’m still doing research on what else I can add.

  • Comment by Amy

    Just installed Dashboard Notepad on one site where I am the only Admin. I also installed Dashboard Notepads (up to 3 notepads) on another site where I have multiple Admins. Thanks for the tip!

  • Comment by Susan

    Love the admin notes – I didn’t know it existed