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I think it’s important to add a Facebook fan page to your blog so that regular readers can get daily updates when they login to Facebook.

Once you have setup your Facebook page, you can easily create a like box through Facebook itself. They give you an iframe code excerpt to place on your site. It works well however if you prefer to control everything from WordPress itself, you may want to check out Facebook Members.

The plugin lets you add a Facebook fan page like box to any widget area on your site. You can set the width and height of the box and the number of connections. By default it shows a list of your fan page members though you can change it to show the latest posts from your stream.

I’m happy with the fanbox which Facebook provides however if you are looking to control the height as well as the width I recommend checking it out.

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Facebook Members: Information | Download

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  • Comment by John King
    John King

    Your website sucks. It took 10 minutes to load in IE7 then if froze up. To many websites are like this today. Please optimize your scripting and database calls. PLEASE!!!

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    It must be your connection. Bottom of the page states tat it took ‘ 1.863 seconds to show you this beautiful page’.