How-To Add Facebook Commenting to Your WordPress Site

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With the release of the new Facebook Plugin for WordPress recently there’s a lot of interest in the WordPress community as to how to best integrate your WordPress site with Facebook. One of the more popular ways made possible via the new plugin is to quickly and easily replace your current commenting system with Facebook comments. This is a really nice feature because not only does it make the commenting on your site more personal but it also encourages more people (the friends of those who comment) to interact with your content.

Installing the Facebook Plugin

The first thing you’ll want to do is head over to the plugin repository and download the new Facebook plugin. Once you’ve downloaded the zipped folder go to your WordPress admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload and install the plugin.


Configuring the Facebook Plugin Settings

Immediately upon activation of the facebook plugin you will be asked to configure it. You can either click on the link that should appear in a red dialogue box at the top of your admin or you can go to the new Facebook settings located in your admin sidebar.


You will be brought to this page; the Facebook plugin settings page. Here you will follow the clearly outlined three step process for creating a Facebook App that corresponds with your WordPress site.


After you complete those three steps you will be brought to this page where you can select the Facebook features you’d like to offer on your website. In this case you will want to select Comments and then click Save Changes.

To make sure that it’s working properly simply go to your website’s front end and check to see if your commenting section has been replaced by Facebook comments as seen below.



There are a lot of mixed feelings about the WordPress Plugin. Right now it has a three star rating in the Plugin Directory and typically four stars is the desired rating for plugins with this many users or potential users. However, I found the Facebook plugin very easy to install, configure, and implement. I also like the fact that you can pick and choose which features you want and don’t want as I’m sure there is such a thing as too much integration. Have you tried the new Facebook Plugin? If so, let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

Download the new Facebook plugin here