Add Customised Groups to any Post, Page or Template using People Lists

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If you use WordPress for a company or community website then you will love People Lists; a new plugin which lets you create customised groups for your users. Once you have created your list you can add it to any post, page or template using a simple line of shortcode.

You can create a list for any group of people you like. You simply need to enter the name of the list and then drag the users into it.

People Lists WordPress Plugin

There is a default list of shortcodes which can be used in templates to display specific fields however you can also create your own custom profile fields if necessary.

People Lists Profile Settings

Once you have created your list you display the information anywhere on your website. The plugin User Avatar was developed in conjunction with People Lists to allow you to enhance your list and make it more presentable.

All User Avatar does is allow users to upload a custom picture to their profile. Pictures can be cropped to the users requirements. Once the plugin has been installed you can add it to any users bio page or any list which you have created. It’s worth installing if you use People Lists or just want a quick way of adding a picture to users profiles.
User Avatar WordPress Plugin

Everyone uses WordPress for different reasons though if you have a lot of registered members on your site you should look into People Lists as it makes it easy to group your members into different categories and list them.

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