Add Custom CSS, Classes and JavaScript to Posts and Pages using Scripts n Styles

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If you customise your posts and pages frequently (e.g. for guides, featured posts etc) then you will love the Scripts n Styles WordPress plugin from Kenneth Newman.

The plugin adds a box underneath your posts and pages (and other custom post types) in which you can add Javascript, CSS and PHP classes to specific posts. This will allow you to customise posts and pages in any way you want.

Scripts n Styles WordPress Plugin

The plugin is setup by default so that only users with admin privileges can use it’s functionality. This stops editors, authors and contributors from adding code to pages which will mess up your design.

Once the plugin is uninstalled, all code which was added in the new custom fields is automatically removed. Therefore, if you ever uninstall the plugin, it’s important to check any posts or pages which had code added to it.

Those who are looking to customise the design of their pages should find this very useful.

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Download: Scripts n Styles

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  • Comment by Kenneth Newman (@WraithKenny)
    Kenneth Newman (@WraithKenny)

    Thanks for the review :-)

    I’ve updated the plugin with some new functionality, among which is the ability to see which pages and posts are currently using Scripts n Styles data which makes checking before uninstalling easier.