Add a Floating Social Media Box To Your Posts With Get Social

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Riyaz Sayyad last week released a great social media plugin for WordPress entitled Get Social. Instead of being positioned at the end of a post like other social media plugins, the Get Social box floats at the left hand side of your page. As you scroll down the page the box remains at the top left hand side. It’s very similar to the social media box which Mashable uses.

Get Social WordPress Plugin

The absolute position of the social media box can easily be altered from the settings area so you can position it anywhere you want. By using a negative value in the ‘Offset from left’ field you can place the box at the right hand side of your page.

Get Social WordPress Plugin

The default social media sites are Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz and StumbleUpon. Each site can be activated and deactivated from the settings page. You can also add your own social media icons to the box in this settings area.

Get Social WordPress Plugin

By default a small link back to the plugin developers website though you can remove this by simply unchecking the credit link box.

If you would prefer to have your social media voting box outside of your main content area then you may want to have a look at Get Social. It’s not to everyones taste but its a good alternative to placing voting buttons underneath your blog posts.

If you are looking for something different then I recommend you check out my article 11 Great Social Media Plugins for WordPress.


Link: Get Social