Ad Code Manager 0.4 For VIP Customers

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Earlier today, developers Daniel Bachhuber, Rinat Khaziev and Jeremy Felt launched an update for the Ad Code Manager. Version 0.4 includes a number of upgrades over previous releases and is readily available to VIP customers as of now.

The plugin, which is designed to assist webmasters and non-developers with the snippets of JavaScript that are used for displaying advertisements on your website, provides a user-friendly interface for inexperienced website owners who would like to easily manage their advertisement codes from the back-end.

Version 0.4 Features

If you are currently a VIP member, then the latest version of Ad Code Manager is already installed and can be immediately accessed. Self-hosted websites can download the software directly from the Plugin Directory while learning more about its benefits and uses.

Ad Code Manager

New features include streamlined configuration for Doubleclick for Publishers Async and Google AdSense. If you’d like more information on this addiction, check out the Configuration Guide. Developers Jeremy Felt and Carl Danley have put a lot of hard work into ensuring that there is faster and cleaner JavaScript on the newest release, plus a new ‘acm_output_html_after_tokens_processed’ filter has been tacked on for instances in which webmasters wish to filter HTML after tokens have been processed.

How Ad Code Manager Works

According to the official download page at, “Ad Code Manager gives non-developers an interface in the WordPress admin for configuring your complex set of ad codes. Some code-level configuration may be necessary to setup Ad Code Manager. Ad tags must be added (via do_action()) to your theme’s template files where you’d like ads to appear. Alternatively, you can incorporate ad tags into your website with our widget and our shortcode.”

The page goes on to state that “a common set of parameters must also be defined for your ad provider. This includes the tag IDs used by your template, the default URL for your ad provider, and the default HTML surrounding that URL. Ad Code Manager comes with support for Google Doubleclick For Publishers (and Async), OpenX, and Google AdSense. All of the logic is abstracted, however, so configuring a different provider is relatively easy. Check providers/doubleclick-for-publishers.php for an idea of how to extend ACM to suit your needs.

Ad Code Manager Controls

Once this configuration is in place, the Ad Code Manager admin interface will allow you to add new ad codes, modify the parameters for your script URL, and define conditionals to determine when the ad code appears. Conditionals are core WordPress functions like is_page(), is_category(), or your own custom functions that evaluate certain expression and then return true or false.”

Download Stats And Bug Reports

Since its creation last year, the plugin has been downloaded approximately 6,000 times, with a daily running average of roughly 30 downloads. It has an overall Star Rating of 3.9 out of 5 Stars and is compatible with all versions of WordPress 3.1 and higher; including WordPress 3.5.2. Unfortunately, none of the nine individuals who gave this plugin a Star Rating have yet to publish an actual review.

Developers who would like to become involved in the improvement process of Ad Code Manager are encouraged to report any bugs or post feature requests in the Forums or fork the plugin on

Ad Code Manager Developer Daniel Bachhuber

Ad Code Manager developer Daniel Bachhuber (pictured) has been extremely active on the plugin’s official Development Blog, as have his co-collaborators, so publishing your queries and opinions there are a good way to ensure future improvement and functionality for Ad Code Manager.

Bachhuber has expressed interest in getting as much data as possible on the Version 0.5 to-do list by early next month. To find out more about the latest release, visit the following March 20th VIP blog post.