A Better Recent Posts Widget

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WordPress comes with a Recent Posts widget that you can use to display a list of your latest posts in your widgetized sidebar, but it’s really not very good in the fact that it does not give you any control over your posts at all. So I’ve written a new one.

This is a very simple plugin, but it gives you much better control over your widget display.

It includes the ability to do several things that are missing from the default recent posts widget. The first is the ability to display recent custom post types. With my widget you can select the post type to display for each instance of the widget. The other main option that makes this widget so much better is the thumbnail option. Now you can choose whether to display post thumbnails with each item, as well as control the size of the post thumbnail.

Plugin features include:

  • New Recent Posts Widget
  • Widget Title Option
  • Option to control the number of posts displayed
  • Option to control the posts offset
  • Ability to enable post thumbnails
  • Thumbnail size option
  • Choose the post type to display

The plugin is available from the WordPress plugin repository for free.