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Updated 2011: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a powerful skill to master when it comes to maximizing your blog’s visibility and Page Rank power. By installing plugins like the ones we’ve listed below, you can ensure (with very little effort on your part) that your blog or website is maximizing its visibility in the search engine circuit.

All-In-One SEO Pack

This is quickly becoming the most mentioned plugin on this blog – and for good reason. Quite literally, this tool is the epitome of plug & play, only requiring you to define your desired meta information, keywords, and some select niceties (defining noindex for category pages, tag pages and archives), and you’re done. Literally one of the most simply effective tools for SEO.

Google XML Sitemaps

This is an immensely functional plugin that will allow search engine spiders and crawlers to get a more accurate layout of your site – which, of course, means better tracking of your new posts, pages, and content. This plugins pings Google, Ask.com, Bing, and Yahoo each time you update, and creates a sitemap file that you can customize, and move, to suit your site’s specific layout.

Platinum SEO Plugin

If there were a plugin that could give All In One SEO Pack a run for its money – this would be it. In fact, that seems to be their sole purpose. This plugin was based on AIO-SEO, but added some extra functionality for those who really want to get their hands dirty in the SEO machine. This plugin allows you to define not just noindex/index for each page, but also follow or nofollow, noarchive, nosnippet, noodp, noydir… Quite the array of options. My favorite part? They tell you, “don’t be afraid to change your permalinks” – they’ve added a 301 redirect capability so you won’t lose page rank. They’ve even gone so far as to integrate a process that will import your setting from AIO-SEO if you decide to switch over to Platinum. A pretty convincing argument, I have to say.

Scribe SEO

(Rated Our BEST WordPress SEO Plugin for 2011) This is a fantastic new SEO tool from the blogging pros over at Copyblogger. Scribe SEO is available to use via their website, or via WordPress plugin (which we clearly prefer). What Scribe SEO does is really amazing – it takes your written post, and your entered meta data and title and analyzes it for maximum optimization. It delivers a score (a percentage between 0 and 100) and shows you what keywords are most prevalent in your post, as well as suggested tags, an example of what the post will look like in search results, and even gives you your Flesch Reading Ease Score right in the Post Edit page. It requires a monthly subscription (you’re paying for “evaluations”, or the number of time you can analyze a post), the lowest of which is $27/month for 30 evaluations, and the highest tops out at $97/month for a whopping 300 evaluations.

SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links is a simple plugin that allows you to impress search engines by automatically self-linking your own posts via keywords. Not only do search engines like Google look positively on self-linkage, but your traffic and stats will see a great improvement, as well.

SEO Friendly Images

Yet another little plugin (from the same plugin author, no less!) with a simple task that provides a wealth of functionality. By adding an “alt” and “title” description to all of your images, SEO Friendly Images is able to describe your photos and images to search engines, allowing them to more easily crawl your content.

SEO Booster Pro

This is an inexpensive, effective tracking tool for your blog or website. They log all of the search terms that are used to find your specific posts, and then offer you the option to tag your posts with said search term (as well as all the other posts containing those terms). It will also track the life of a given search term against your post to check the keyword’s potency, and then uses the best-ranking terms to promote your site to search engines. It’s another easy plug’n’play tool by Clever Plugins, and it’s available for a one-time payment of $39.95.

Simple Tags

This plugin’s title is slightly misleading as it’s much more than just a tagging tool. Simple Tags suggests tags for you based on search terms, as well as from Yahoo! Term Extraction API, OpenCalais, Alchemy, Zemanta, and Tag The Net. It also offers you the ability to tag pages,  and use tags for de.licio.us, Filckr and Technorati. This only scratches the surface of this plugin’s capabilities, but it’s enough to get you interested, no doubt!


This is a plugin that has made it onto most “must have SEO plugins” lists. At first, I was skeptical, but after reading about blog migration and the horrible things that 404 errors do to your page rank, I found it most fit for this list. Redirection logs all the 404 errors your blog receives and allows you to easily convert them to redirects, so your readers and visitors are sure to see your amazing content instead of a big, fat error.

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  • Comment by vipin

    Thanks for this. . i’m currently using all in one seo. . planning to shift to another good one. .

  • Comment by Geoff

    Out of the listed 9 best plugins I’ve now got got 5 of them installed on my blogs.

  • Comment by kerudung

    You should update the list, some of them are not suitable with the new google algo


  • Comment by René

    I think Yoast “WordPress SEO” is an amazing tool and one of the best for every project!

  • Comment by En Noticias
    En Noticias

    well i think this all the best seo plugin on wordpres,also dont for get to use Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin,,i dont wan to add the link here so dont look spaming,but searh on google i recomend this ,

  • Comment by Bidwriting Bill
    Bidwriting Bill

    I find that SEO Smart Links is particularly useful.

  • Comment by Andrew

    Scribe put me out of business with a regular SEO copywriting client!! He’s technically very savvy and now knows more about balancing his content – I’ve used it and I have to say it’s a superb tool.

  • Comment by Tony

    I use platinum seo and have not found any problems with this plugin.

  • Comment by Geoff

    There always seems to be a compatibility issue though where plugins are guaranteed to work up to a certain WP version, but rarely the very latest. And so often the plugin is way out of date, which is such a pity.

    If you are using the latest, WP version 3.2, then none of the three plugins I’d really like have been tested with it.

    Does anyone know of up to date equivalents of SEO Smart Links, SEO Friendly Images, and Redirection?

    WP encourages users to install their latest versions, but unfortunately the plugin people are not keeping up. I know many of the plugins are free, and I appreciate that, it’s just frustrating not to be able to take advantage of the better ones.

  • Comment by Barry R
    Barry R

    The “All-in-One SEO Pack” plugin has the “use noindex” attribute; the creator of the “Stallion” SEO plugin says this destroys link benefit. What is your opinion on this? Should we rather use Stallion?
    Quote from the Stallion website:
    “Any WordPress plugin that uses noindex and/or nofollow on your WordPress sites has the potential to damage your site’s search engine rankings and should be avoided or at least used with extreme care.”

    Here is the link to their web page:

  • Comment by Graphic Nineteen
    Graphic Nineteen

    Thanks for the WP resources.. this article was extremely helpful!

  • Comment by vladimir

    You might want to check out new wordpress seo plugin, released few days ago. It has already done wonders for my clients (see signature)

  • Comment by Blogger Indonesia
    Blogger Indonesia

    Very interesting post. I have used All-In-One SEO Pack, Google XML Sitemaps, Platinum SEO Plugin, SEO Smart Links. All plugins are very helpful.

  • Comment by Paul Wright
    Paul Wright

    Great list thanks for taking the time to write it out. I already use 4 of these plugins and thanks to you just added another one to my repertoire.

  • Comment by Abhishek

    @Sam: If you are saying about http://artswrap.co.uk/ (you linked with your name here) it is SEO wise far from the best it can do.

    Consider hiring an SEO expert plus page speed specialist, for a three year aged domain < 1000 pageviews / day is practically nothing.

    Look at your page speed score: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/110611_EE_T85G/ and compare with Standard websites.

  • Comment by shubham pandey
    shubham pandey

    Nice list of best pulgins…I am also using “all in one SEO pack”. It’s really great….

  • Comment by Sam

    Thank you for sharing this post. WordPress is undeniably the best among the other CMS. But, please forgive me. I want to ask a question. Is it true that SEO is very important to our website/blog position in search engines? This is because, using the Google search results vary according to language and country. So, my question, how do we target market by the use of language or country?


  • Comment by tri

    I use “all in one SEO pack” and run very well , thanx

  • Comment by kuaför

    Thank you for your article.
    I would like to ask somethink about all of plugins.
    is effect nagative page loading time?

  • Comment by owalah blog
    owalah blog

    Nice list. I quickly find the plugins, download it and install it to my wordpress powered blog. Thanks dude.

  • Comment by seo services delhi
    seo services delhi

    i am facing problem with all in one seo pack.what i do? i tried platinum seo pack but didn’t get satisfactory results, Guys can you suggest some other free plugins, i heard about seo ultimate, how’s it?

  • Comment by Chiropractor Boulder
    Chiropractor Boulder

    Awesome list as I just spent an hour looking for the best SEO plugins and your list is the creme of the crop of what I have found thus far.

  • Comment by Cupie World
    Cupie World

    We have always been huge advocates of WordPress for all our clients. So I really appreciate the resources that you are sharing. SEO Booster Pro sounds pretty amazing. Once again, thanks for sharing your knowledge on this vital subject on WordPress plugins.

  • Comment by flash gallery
    flash gallery

    I have used most of the plugin and it was great to work with all of them. SEO Booster Pro remains on the top of my radar but still that was a fabulous list.

  • Comment by Summer Camps
    Summer Camps

    You you could change the blog subject 9 Amazing WordPress SEO Plugins | Best WordPress Plugins to more suited for your content you create. I loved the the writing however.

  • Comment by Best SEO Plugin
    Best SEO Plugin

    I couldnt agree more with All-In-One SEO being the best free SEO plugin overall for WordPress. As the grandaddy of all SEO plugins it set the standard for all other SEO plugins.

    You go as far to point out the benefits of other plugins such as Platinum SEO Pack which is essentially a modified beefed-up version of AIO SEO. That’s definitely the mark of a blogger who knows his plugins.

    I’ll be referencing this post on my main blog.

  • Comment by suchmaschinen seo
    suchmaschinen seo

    Hi, Seo optimization is a hugh theme. Keep working ,great job!

  • Comment by issty

    Thank you for this list of plugins! I was getting tired of trying to throw out keywords/test plugins on our site. Most of what you have listed here is exactly the stuff I was looking for.
    Really lot of info and it will be useful for my new site.

  • Comment by mim

    platinum seo has some problem.

  • Comment by Rilwis

    The Scribe SEO plugin seems to be great. If it can analyze the post content, give suggestion for better SEO, that’s really impressive. Thanks for sharing.

    Ah, I’ve written a plugin for adding nofollow to external links in WP, maybe it’s good for some SEOer, too.

  • Comment by Jun brown
    Jun brown

    Im installing scribe seo at this moment. it is fantastic, but unfortunately the plugin is not free,.

  • Comment by Uhm, Gee
    Uhm, Gee

    Great article, nice to see WP plugin suggestions that aren’t just copy and pasted from the developers description. SEO Smart Links and Simple Tags are new ones for me. I’m given them both a try right now. Thanks!

  • Comment by Ed Dearborn
    Ed Dearborn

    We have always been huge advocates of WordPress for all our clients. So I really appreciate the resources that you are sharing. SEO Booster Pro sounds pretty amazing. Once again, thanks for sharing your knowledge on this vital subject on WordPress plugins.

  • Comment by Andy @ FirstFound
    Andy @ FirstFound

    Is the XML Sitemaps pluging stable nowadays? When I first used it 18 months ago, it caused all sorts of issues and led to more errors than I care to remember.

  • Comment by Charlotte SEO
    Charlotte SEO

    I learned a lot of about blogs, and your is a great of piece of them. Thanks to share