7 Free Facebook WordPress Themes

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Free Facebook WordPress ThemesFollowing on from last months ‘10 Facebook Related WordPress Plugins‘ article, I would like to show you 7 free Facebook designs which are available for WordPress.

Most of the designs are similar and have not been actively updated over the last year however I’m sure those of you who are looking for a Facebook clone design will find this list useful. At the very least they could be used for reference for creating your own Facebook design :)

Facebook WordPress Themes

1. Facebooked

Facebooked WordPress Theme

Info & Download

2. Facebook Layouts

Facebook Layouts WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

3. Smells Like Facebook

Smells Like Facebook WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

4. Facebook WB

FacebookWB WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

5. Facebook Lover

Facebook Lover WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

6. Facebook Addict

Facebook Addict WordPress Theme

* Note, the download file seems to be missing from the developers website. It can be downloaded from here however please bear in mind that this website has added an additional sponsor link (though it can easily be deleted) :)

7. Crybook

Crybook WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo


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  • Comment by motorcycle apparel
    motorcycle apparel

    I usually just create theme template page and scale the width down to 520px.

  • Comment by Imraan

    #5 theme is awesome. Facebook lover. I am planning to use this cool theme. Anyways thank you for sharing these.

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Glad you found the list useful :)

  • Comment by Semidoppel

    Thanks for sharing this.. I downloaded one theme from here