50 Best Red WordPress Themes

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Josef Albers once said, “If one says ‘Red’ – the name of color – and there are fifty people listening, it can be expected that there will be fifty reds in their minds. And one can be sure that all these reds will be very different.” Red stimulates our personal feelings and emotions; it generates excitement, draws attention, encourages action, and provides a feeling of protection. Around the globe, the color red represents beauty, passion and love, danger and war, luck and fortune, life and creativity, and stands as a symbol of joy or creativity. Red WordPress themes have high visibility and create a sense of urgency and excitement. This may be the ideal color needed to give your business a boost! We have many more Red WordPress Themes to choose from in our advanced search area.

Theme: Prolific

Designed by SoloStream, the Prolific theme is great for any professional user. This powerful theme is packed with content space and can be converted to a traditional blog structure, a magazine site, or a commercial website. The advanced features this theme offers include sidebar options, two or three column layouts, widget-ready, blog capabilities, author page feature, 8 different color schemes, fully coded, social networking integration, advertising management, and supports gravatars. This theme is search engine optimized and licensing options are available. Pricing starts at $59.


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Theme: Associate

This professional theme from StudioPress is all business. This theme features a header and navigation menu on top and a large featured image just underneath and lots of area for content just below that. Features for the Associate theme are widgets, four different color styles, three different layouts, fixed width design, and compatibility with all browsers. Pricing starts at $79.


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Theme: WP-Smooth

The Smooth theme is another from SoloStream that functions great as a magazine site and can also be configured as a standard blog site. The bold design is very eye catching and intriguing to readers. Additional features for the Smooth theme include sidebars, widget-ready, column layout options, navigation bars, multiple color schemes, advertisement management, a preset company logo area, fully coded, and is search engine optimized. This theme has several licensing options. Pricing starts at $59.


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Theme: Backcountry

The Backcountry theme from StudioPress is aimed for businesses and individuals that associate with the outdoors environment. This theme offers plenty of room for images and content and allows for changes without touching the source files or codes. Backcountry features: header customization, ability to add featured images, widget-ready, four different color schemes, six different layout options, and unlimited support. Pricing starts at $79.


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Theme: Consultant

From Templatic is the Consultant theme designed by professionals, for professionals. The homepage is fully customizable to allow you to feature what you want your customers and potential customers to see. Users can change the header, change images, and multiple color schemes are available. Additional features include full localization, image gallery, automatic thumbnail resizing, breadcrumb links, dropdown menu navigation, cross-browser compatible, and supports widgets and gravatars. This theme is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $65.


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Theme: Bee Crafty

The Bee Crafty theme, provided by StudioPress, is very exciting and fun and is geared for the arts and crafts fans but can really be for anyone who wants a cheerful and upbeat theme. This theme comes with six different layout options and has excellent space for content. All theme updates are provided for free. Additional features include fully coded, widget-ready, blog integration, gallery options, and social networking incorporation. Pricing starts at $79.


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Theme: Aperture

WooThemes has created the Aperture design with photography and photographers in mind. The theme has a large image slider in the header, sidebars, footer section, about section, and thumbnail images. This design comes with seven custom widgets, various color schemes, traffic monitoring, localization, ability to change the site without code interference, and images are resized automatically. Pricing starts at $70.


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Theme: deVision

Created by ThemeShift, the deVision theme opens with a dramatic image slider. It also has dropdown menus that make for easy navigation and the grid shape design is ideal for featuring several posts and pages. Additional features include multiple color schemes, three localization options, and supports all modern browsers. This theme comes with licensing options. Pricing starts at $50.


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Theme: Hospitality

Designed by Templatic, the Hospitality theme was designed for hotels, spas and other hospitality providers. The simple and clean layout is not distracting and very professional for high-end companies. Hospitality features: localization, five separate color schemes, monetization features, header customization, image gallery options, breadcrumb links, and support within all major browsers. This theme is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $65.


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Theme: Foodilicious

Another Templatic design is the Foodilicious theme which offers restaurant owners an easy way to showcase their business, the menu and all that the venue offers. There is a menu page and item detail pages. The Foodilicious theme features various color schemes, widget-ready, traditional blog section, spaces for advertised specials, and built-in interfaces. The header and background images can be customized as well. Pricing starts at $65.

foodilicious templatic

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Theme: Optimize

The Optimized theme from WooThemes is a beautiful business theme for any business wanting to optimize their trade. There is space provided for your company logo and a menu navigation bar. A large image (or video) on the homepage allows for showcasing your product or service. There are thumbnails below for an optional sub-featured area. A twitter box can be added to your page as well as a Quotes box for product testimonials. Additional features: layout options, JQuery effects, PrettyPhoto light box, blog integration, portfolio options, 22 color schemes, background color options, widget-ready, advertising management, and comes with shortcodes. This theme is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $70.

optimize woothemes

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Theme: Velvet

The Velvet theme provided by ThemeForest is classy and sophisticated for professional users and minimal design for personal users. This theme offers a template builder for creation of your own page designs and a Ken Burns Slider that allows for zoom functionality and image effects. This theme can be configured for many types of slideshows which is ideal for portfolios. Other features include color schemes and shortcodes. A JQuery library allows the scripted features to fade. Pricing starts at $35.


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Theme: Job Board

Templatic has crafted the all-business Job Board theme for job hunters and a connection point for employers. The simple theme focuses on content, not flashy designs. Users have the option to add their company logo and sign-up for future logins. This theme features so many elements – advertising management, PayPal integration, multiple color schemes, social networking integration, and many more. Pricing starts at $65.


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Theme: WP-Genius

Designed by SoloStream, the WP-Genius theme opens with a dramatic header, a dropdown navigation menu and an attractive image slider. The theme makes great use of modern technologies – gravatars, widgets, fully coded, separate color schemes, page templates, content slider, automatic thumbnail resizing, banner advertisement management, blog capabilities, threaded comments, and social networking integration. This theme has licensing options. Pricing starts at $59.


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Theme: Sublime

SoloStream designed Sublime for blogs, a magazine or news site, or a general content website. This theme offers lots of content space but does not appear crowded to readers. There is a control panel for users to customize the theme for a more unique appearance – 9 color schemes, content slider, widget-ready, integrated social networking websites, and advertising management. Sublime is search engine optimized. A developer’s license is available. Pricing starts at $59.


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Theme: AgentPress

Designed for realtors, StudioPress has created a professional theme that offers several custom features including 6 different layouts. The background and header can be changed and templates are available for additional pages. This theme also has a blog section that supports threaded comments. There are menu options, a search box, supported social networking sites, call to action features, and image sliders. Pricing starts at $79.


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Theme: Boast

This sleek design was created by WooThemes. Located on the homepage are scrolling widget boxes where text and images can be placed. This theme has subdued colors and rounded corners and really is matchless. The homepage slideshow does not automatically change allowing users to select the posts they want to see. There is also a sub-feature area for expanded information. This theme has flexible layouts, optional widget space, blog options, is SEO, and offers several navigation selections. Pricing starts at $70.


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Theme: WP-Inspired

The WP-Inspired theme, designed by SoloStream, is very versatile and can be used for many different kinds of sites, for regular blogs and businesses. On the homepage is space for your company logo and a content slider. This flexible theme showcases 10 different color schemes, photo gallery selections, banner ad integration and advertising management, and multiple layout opportunities. This theme has flexible licensing options. Pricing starts at $59.


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Theme: Bloggingstream

Designed by WooThemes, the Bloggingstream theme provides a mix of a professional magazine site and the feel of a casual blog. There are lots of homepage features including a search box, a sidebar video player, and featured articles with additional article options. Additional features for this theme include 8 custom widgets, 2 widget-ready areas, monetization, 7 advertising spaces, multiple layout options, 11 different color schemes, full localization, and automatic thumbnail generation. Pricing starts at $70.


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Theme: Sealight

Sealight is a business theme, crafted by WooThemes, to showcase products. This theme has info boxes, a testimonial section, and a highlighted slideshow to present your best products and sales pitch. There is a pricing template included with the theme. This theme supports videos, has multiple color schemes and layouts, is widget-ready, a sidebar manager, has custom shortcodes, and is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $70.


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Theme: MyStream

From WooThemes is MyStream, created to charm highly social bloggers who use various forms of social media sources and like to engage in conversation. This theme will display your social life online and offline; this includes your Facebook profile, Flickr photos, Vimeo videos, Twitter account, etc. Your readers can connect with you with just one click. There are 6 different color schemes, ability to add a background image or logo, create custom widgets, layout selections, and advertising space. This theme is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $70.


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Theme: WP-Aire

This calm theme, designed by SoloStream, has a soft blue color and lots of room for content. There is a prominent content slider on the homepage and has a magazine layout atmosphere. This theme also functions for regular blogs. Other WP-Aire features are advertising management, dropdown navigation, SEO optimization, multiple layouts, widget-ready, sidebar customization, and fully integrated social networking technology. Licensing options are available. Pricing starts at $59.


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Theme: RT-Theme 14

Created by ThemeForest, the RT-Theme 14 is best suited for businesses and professional users. The homepage has a top menu bar, space for a large image and below that 3 more featured image sections. Additional options for this theme include color schemes, sidebar creator and customization, widget-ready, optional typography, and social media networking buttons. Pricing starts at $35.


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Theme: Listings

Created by Woothemes, this very powerful theme works great for a location based directory site. If you have many locations and would like to display their map locations with a mapping API, this theme is the ticket. While a little pricy at $200, this theme is well worth the investment. The customizations are endless, everything has been thought through and the support staff is great!


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Theme: Terran Tribune

Designed by Rocket Themes, Terran Tribune will appeal to new modern businesses and professional organizations. This theme operates with 32 separate widget locations and several advertising widgets for revenue generation. The theme allows for content arrangement freedom. This theme is fully localized and compliant with all current website browsers. Pricing starts at $50.


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Theme: iPhone App

Also by Templatic is the iPhone App. Just like its name, this theme provides a place for an application showcase. The theme shows users what the products for a smartphone look like on a larger computer screen by allowing images to be seen horizontally and vertically. The layout shows a 5 image slider of your app and can include video. This theme also includes a contact form, testimonial feature, and a separate section for blogs. Other features: widget-ready, gravatar capabilities, advertising management, and is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $65.


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Theme: Coda

Created by WooThemes, the Coda design has a serene magazine feel and is great for those who want to project class and elegance with their online news site. The homepage is fully widgetized and has a content slider for featured articles. The theme integrates social networking features, a timeline, and tag pages. The inspirational theme offers these elements – JQuery slider, column options, voting options, ten different color schemes, and multiple background selections. Pricing starts at $70.


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Theme: Delegate

This sleek design by WooThemes, Delegate allows users to reach their clientele by showcasing their products and services with flexible and easy-to-use functionalities. The stylish homepage features a large JQuery slider with image, video and text options. This theme contains call to actions, customizable buttons, and can display a traditional blog. Users can change the color schemes, add widgets, integrate social media links, and manage advertising. Pricing starts at $70.


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Theme: Caffeinated

Created by WooThemes, the Caffeinated theme has high-energy and showcases a high-impact gallery which is ideal for portfolio presentations. The zest of design, colors and bold fonts is perfect for the stylish and fun presentation. Whether you are a graphic designer, in the fashion industry, or interior design this theme is for you. The homepage has a large image display to begin the showcase of your work. Features for this theme include a JQuery photo slider, ten color schemes, blogging integration, real-time communication through social networking, three widget-ready areas, SEO, custom navigation settings, and works with all modern browsers. Pricing starts at $70.


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Theme: Feature Pitch

This classic theme from WooThemes is great for product sales without a storefront. This theme is simple and professional, using tabbed browsing and a sidebar video player to provide an easy way for content management. Feature Pitch includes breadcrumb navigation, multiple color schemes, widgets, incorporated social networking sites, call to action and subscriber links, and automatic thumbnail resizing. Pricing starts at $70.

Feature Pitch Woothemes

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Theme: Groovy Video

The Groovy Video theme from WooThemes was designed for bloggers who desire advanced features for their content and videos. The fun and groovy appearance makes blogging just a bit more exciting and personable. Features for the Groovy Video theme include automatic thumbnail resizing, 17 different color schemes, localization support, and is compatible with all modern browsers. Pricing starts at $70.


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Theme: Answers

The Answers theme from Templatic allows users to quickly setup a survey site for many different purposes and allows for user interactivity. The design is simple and to the point with the top questions featured on the homepage. The theme also includes voting features. Logos and profiles can be added to the homepage as well. Users can choose between several different color schemes and design settings. This theme does have blog options available and is widget-ready. Pricing starts at $65.


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Theme: Inspire

The Inspire theme, created by WooThemes, is a design crafted to showcase products and services. The homepage is customizable with a large JQuery image slider that displays images, text and video to encourage customers to buy. Also included with the theme is a portfolio section and blog opportunities. This theme includes these additional features: widgetized sidebars and footer, social media integration, advertising management, multiple color schemes, background image selection and typography options. This theme is search engine optimized. Pricing starts at $70.


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Theme: WP-FolioTheme

This theme from SoloStream was designed for photographers to showcase their professional portfolios. This design allows for plenty of images and content as well. There is a designated area for your company name and logo to be displayed and multiple theme page options. Additional features include secure coding, 9 color schemes, advertising management, search engine optimization, an author page, and 4 different layout options. This design comes with 3 different licenses. Pricing starts at $59.


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Theme: News

The News design from Organic Themes offers a great deal of space for content for news-related websites. The theme has a three column layout that supports content and images. There are also areas for a news ticker, featured stories, etc. Customization elements for this theme: background colors, menu options, fully coded, formatted for mobile devices, widget-ready, JQuery tabbed sections, and header and footer customization. Pricing starts at $69.


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Theme: Dynamix

Designed by ThemeForest, the Dynamix theme is a best seller with convenient features and easy to customize. The homepage features a large content slider, a menu navigation bar and space for your logo. The modern theme lives up to its name and is really quite dynamic with these features: multiple color skins for exterior and interior elements and with optional color effects, JQuery presentation sliders with tabbed content galleries, grid view option, and full widget support. Pricing starts at $45.


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Theme: deLuxe

From ThemeShift is the flexible deLuxe theme. It can be used for professional or personal websites including restaurants, hotels or other upscale establishments. The header has three sections for featured content that is directly shown to your viewer. This theme offers many different personalized elements – five separate color schemes, fully coded, layout options, and optional subpages. Pricing starts at $50.


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Theme: Redminton

The Redminton theme from ThemeForest was designed for restaurant and other eateries. With so many options, any restaurant can match the design to the feel of their establishment. Customizable elements – multiple color schemes, integration of Google maps, contact form, typography options, advertising management, blog capabilities, and social networking incorporation. Pricing starts at $30.


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Theme: Political

Political was crafted by Shape5 for political candidates and organizations and for anyone running a political campaign. This theme offers a built-in polling feature for feedback and other controversial issues. This theme is very professional and offers space for multiple images and plenty of content. Users can add videos and a forum. Other features: color options, SEO, widgets, layout options, video tutorials, and different menu choices. Pricing starts at $50.


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Theme: WP-Jazz

Designed by SoloStream, the WP-Jazz theme is a resourceful theme for all businesses and bloggers alike. The theme is provided with layout options, including a magazine style, and eleven different color schemes to create your unique site; no need to be a programmer or designer. Additional features include column options, sidebars, widget and gravatar support, threaded comments, navigation features, advertising management, and is fully coded. Pricing starts at $59.


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Theme: Grace

Created by Templatic, the Grace theme is a wonderful option for churches and other religious organizations to reach out within their community and provide information about your church and beliefs to the visiting public. Highlighted elements for the Grace theme include – gallery section, automatic thumbnail creation, video integration, three color schemes, online video tutorials, widget and gravatar support, dropdown menus, and bread crumb links. Pricing starts at $65.


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Theme: FitPro

The FitPro theme from PressCoders was definitely designed for the fitness industry and fitness professionals. Users for this theme have two goals – to stay fit and maintain an easy website! Fitness professionals can list their services and sell products including eBooks, videos and other items. A member-forum can also be created to communicate with clients, gather information or send emails about marking specials. Special elements for this theme – widget-ready, social networking integration, contact form, multiple color skins, unlimited support and video tutorials, JQuery integration, template and layout options, and search engine optimization. Pricing starts at $79.


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Theme: WP-Vybe

This hip WP-Vybe theme from SoloStream was designed for contemporary and pop culture businesses. The homepage has a menu bar, a sidebar, and tons of places for content and images. The theme’s features include built-in color schemes (including light and dark), permanent codes, content slider, SEO, personalized author page, banner advertisements, and layout options including columns. This theme is for commercial development purposes. Pricing starts at $59.


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Theme: WP-Chatter

The WP-Chatter theme is another design by SoloStream, with clean and modern styling. This theme has lots of content space for text and images. The homepage has a large image featured, smaller thumbnails for additional selections, menu bars, sidebars, and more. The term chatter definitely tells us this theme has lots to say! Additional features – fully coded, multiple color schemes, gravatar and widget ready, blog integration, advertising options, layout choices, automatic thumbnail resizing, and search engine optimization. Licensing options are available. Pricing starts at $59.


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Theme: Therapy

Designed by WooThemes, the Therapy design is great for bloggers who want a more professional look. Bloggers can combine their blogging efforts with social networking integration to generate a larger audience. Therapy elements include tabbed areas, twelve different color schemes, and widget-ready; full coded, page templates, width options, localization, and a traffic analyzer. Pricing starts at $70.


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Theme: Premiere

The Premiere theme from WooThemes is all about video management and multimedia enterprise. Whether you are a professional or amateur, this theme is highly customizable. The video elements of the theme are what’s unique and make the theme stand above others. Premiere elements include page templates, interactive functions, a video slider, custom widgets, sidebar options, footer sections, and automatic thumbnail resizing. Pricing starts at $70.


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Theme: Phosphorus

Designed by Shape5, the modern and attractive Phosphorus theme is very versatile and great for both professional designers and amateurs. There is plenty of text space with this theme. This theme offers 7 different color schemes, search engine optimization, typography options, 37 widget positions, and 9 different widget styles. Pricing starts at $50.


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Theme: Shelflife

Designed for eCommerce site owners, the Shelflife theme from WooThemes has plenty of customization features for all different eCommerce businesses. This theme is compatible with third-party plugins. The homepage gives users the ability to showcase featured products. This theme is compatible on mobile browsers. Additional features: layout options, search engine optimization, shopping cart features, and menu navigation options. Pricing starts at $70.


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Theme: Emporium

Created by Templatic, the Emporium theme was designed as a retail shopping template that balances design and functionality. The attractive frontend has a familiar online shopping layout and the backend offers features to help users create a more customized site. The homepage has banner space to preview featured products and below that are smaller thumbnails for other showcase items. The backend options include custom management, coupon options, shopping cart features, and user registration. Pricing starts at $65.


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Theme: airScape

Designed by dev4press.com, the airScape theme is all about speed. The theme is heavy on text and light on images but doesn’t sacrifice style. The theme is designed to be simple with plenty of advanced features. Customization features include layout options, two sidebars, separate header and footer areas, widget-ready, several color schemes, and all modern browsers support this theme. Licensing options are available. Pricing starts at $40.


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