5 WordPress Plugins for Events Management

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Why do people attend events? There’s the theory that people go to experience enjoyment, to network or to learn something new. It’s entirely possible that this a ruse and they really go for one of the following reason:

  • A spouse or partner made them go
  • They are trying to get away from said spouse or partner
  • They want to eat and/or drink a lot . . . for free
  • They want swag
  • Regardless of your altruistic and feel-good reasons for promoting an event (or a person’s real reason for attending), if your thing is promoting or organizing events – you want people to attend. Your event’s success is dependent on your ability to provide current and accurate information so that people can take advantage of the opportunities the event provides.

    To this end, your must-have tool is an events management plugin that makes it easy for your audience to find event topics that are relevant, find the event location itself, preferably via a mapping function, register, buy tickets (if applicable) and for the community-minded, submit events of their own.

    Listed below are five plugins that provide a multitude of features for ensuring that your events are managed in a highly visible and intuitive way. Each one is highly rated based on wordpress.org user reviews and require WordPress 3.0 or higher. The first three are compatible up to version 3.4, the last two up to version 3.3.2.

    1. Events Manager

    This popular plugin provides fully featured event registration management including recurring events, locations management, calendar, Google map integration, and booking management.

    Events Manager allows you to create creates a special “Events” page along with “Locations”, “Categories” and “My Bookings” each of which display lists of events. Each events and locations is a custom post types with its own page just like regular posts and pages.

    Categories work like the normal category taxonomy for WordPress posts, and the screens are clean, well-laid out and intuitive. Bonus feature, for just $50 you can upgrade to Events Manager Pro.







    2. The Events Calendar

    Very similar to Events Manager, key features of Events Calendar include Google Maps integration as well as default templates such as a calendar grid and event list, and widgets, among others. Recurring events are also supported. If you want the ability to sell tickets, manage conference schedules, and accept user submitted events you’ll need the available premium and community add-ons.

    Created by Modern Tribe, The Events Calendar has a great support page to refer to if you get stuck.







    3. All In One Event Calendar

    The All-in-One Event Calendar from Then.ly. The All-in-One Event Calendar is a new way to list your events in WordPress and easily share them. Key features are:

    Import other calendars automatically to display in your calendar
    Categorize and tag imported calendar feeds automatically
    Events from The Events Calendar plugin can also be easily imported
    Create a Calendar administration role to allow for a dedicated calendar application

    As noted in its description, importing and exporting iCalendar (.ics) feeds is one of the strongest features of the All-in-One Event Calendar system. Enter an event on one site and you can have it appear automatically in another website’s calendar. This way you create one event and have it displayed on a few or thousands of calendars in one step, and users can populate their calendar from other calendar feeds without having to go through the hassle of creating new events.

    Also useful for website and blog owners are that each event is SEO-optimized and links to the original calendar.










    4. Events

    As a much simpler solution, Events provides a straightforward user interface in the WordPress dashboard to add/edit and delete events and set options. You can list events on a separate page or in the sidebar, or both, and you can list old, current and future events future events at the same time.




    5. Event Registration

    This WordPress plugin is designed to specifically for registration of events, classes, or parties. It allows you to capture the contact information and any additional information you request to a database and provides an association to an events database. Guests submit registration to either a Paypal, Google Pay, Monster Pay, or Authorize.net online payment site for online collection of event fees. Additionally it allows support for checks and cash payments and provides a detailed payment management system to track and record payments.







    What did you think? Do you plan to use any of these plugins? Have you already? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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    • Comment by Nokow

      Hello, very interesting event management plugin, but the one i want is not in the list. I’m looking for a plugin that display events on my wordpress website, but i want that any visitor of my site can add a new event, directly from the front-end of the site. Do you know any plugin with this function? 

    • Comment by Elliott Richmond
      Elliott Richmond

      Used Tribe’s Event Calendar many times, its awesome!