3 Plugins to Promote Your Best Content

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The goal of blogging is to offer value to your readers. If you don’t give your readers what they want, well, to put it bluntly: they’ll go find it somewhere else. You want to be a resource for those scouring the web for information. Creating easy ways for your readers to navigate your site and find that information will not only boost your traffic, subscriptions and clout – but also improve the trust your readers have in you to give them the info they need. If you run a niche blog (meaning a blog that focuses specifically on one topic – the more specific, the better), having your most relevant, important posts should be readily available.

There are tons of fancy, complex plugins that are allegedly supposed to help you direct your readers around your site… But in my experience, the simplest plugins are often the most effective.

WordPress Popular Posts

A self-explanatory plugin – this will display your most popular plugins in a widget in the sidebar. It has multi-instance capabilities, and individual setting options (exclude categories, time range, sort by comments, display attributes, etc.) so you can customize each widget to show a specific niche of you popular posts.

Most Commented Posts

Oftentimes, the best content generates a lot of discussion. Also, if you have many retweets or trackbacks, showing your “most commented posts” may really prove to be an asset to you. This plugin, basic as it is, displays your most commented posts in a widget in the sidebar.

Related Posts Plugin

This plugin generates a list of topically-related posts by scouring your blog for similar tags and pulling the most seemingly relevant posts into a list, displayed in your feed. It also has the capability for customization, as you can choose to exclude categories, and manipulate how many post links show in your list. It is designed to keep visitors on your site for longer, with the added benefit of offering more relevant information to those seeking answers. For added aesthetic value, you can also select to display a thumbnail from each post, which may attract people to the lists more.

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  • Comment by Rasel Rony
    Rasel Rony

    thanks for the plugins, I’m using WordPress Popular Posts plugin in my blog, its cool

  • Comment by Angel Lee
    Angel Lee

    After looking through your list (fantastic list by the way), I just want to add one more to the list – EzAffiliateCash Ads Plugin for WordPress. I believe it used to be a paid plugin but the owner has made it free recently; it’s an all-in-one advertisement plugin that allows you to test different popular advertising methods on wordpress powered websites. I personally have tested it on my blogs (WP 3.x) and it works great. If you want to find out more about it you can visit http://www.adsplugin.com

    I don’t think you can find it on the official wordpress.org/extend/plugins list but it’s indeed a gem!

    Just my 2 cents!


  • Comment by Thomas

    Thanks for the tip. I am already using Related Posts Plugin, but the two others are new to me.

  • Comment by Adrienne

    I love it when I learn about more WP plug-ins. Thanks for this post. Have been searching for plug-ins that do this but never knew which ones they are. 3 more now to add to my list of favorites.



  • Comment by Elise

    Nice! I use the related posts one and want to try the most commented post one.

    And have you seen the “Tweet Old Post” plugin? You can schedule older posts to be tweeted within a specific timeframe. Pretty nifty…

    Great tips for blog post promotion. Thanks!

  • Comment by Adam

    This website is very well done!

    These plugins are incredibly helpful and I will certainly use them for my upcoming site.

    Are there any plugins that add features and functionality to writing posts?

    Keeps the posts coming.

  • Comment by Mark Kelly
    Mark Kelly

    I agree 100% that often times the simplest and most commonly referenced plugins are the most useful. In general I believe these are also the least risky as they have a huge built in testing audience vs smaller/newer plugins.

    Here is another resource that is a more generalized security risk evaluation your readers might appreciate as they evaluate and install some of the plugins you mention.



  • Comment by Peter Paul
    Peter Paul

    Thanks for this! Indeed this three plugins are useful in promoting and attracting more interaction between the reader and the writer.