3 No-Brainer Quality Control Plugins For Your Content

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You might have the best content out there, but without crossing all of your T’s and dotting your I’s, your message won’t reach your readers in an effective way – and you might lose credibility. As I often preach, without credibility and the trust of your readers, it is unlikely that your blog will reach success.

I’ve found three little plugins that can help keep you in check while writing up content. We all make silly mistakes while writing – I know I definitely do – and I consider these tools to be the “booby-traps” of my WordPress site. They help make sure that my content is top notch, and I don’t cut any corners.

AJAX Spell Checker

This is pretty self-explanatory. Now, naturally, if you use Google Chrome or Firefox, you have a spellcheck already implemented into your browser… But AJAX Spell Checker installs the functionality directly into your WYSIWYG post editor. One click of a button, and you’re double-sure that there are no embarrassing spelling mistakes. Also, if you run a multi-author blog, while you’d like to be sure that your authors have a working spell check installed in their browser, you never want to assume.

Genki Pre-Publish Reminders

This is a pretty nice tool for multi-author blogs, as well. When I was training six new-to-WordPress writers on how to use the platform, I utilized this plugin heavily. It places a text box on your post editing page, reminding you to add your signature, a custom field, an image, or an affiliate link… whatever you choose! I used mine to remind my authors to schedule their posts in the future, but you can really use it for anything. The CSS is completely customizable, HTML is allowed, and you can move the box around to any part of the page.

Post Ideas +

This is a plugin I wish I’d known about years ago. Never lose a great idea for a future post again! This plugin lets you jot down your ideas for a post quickly (and even include reference/source links!) and stores them in a designated area for future use. You have the ability to designate priority, keywords, and then displays the list of ideas on the front page of your dashboard, so you can keep it right along side the Quick Press post editing field. You can share ideas with other administrators, and even give each user their own list.

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  • Comment by Khalid J Hosein
    Khalid J Hosein

    Fantastic recommendation on the Genki Pre-Publish Reminders! This is a great way to keep my editing time down while getting my writers more attuned to our templates and requirements.

    BTW, I also discovered a similar (and newer) plugin called Pre-Publish Reminders, that you can move around (via DHTML-magic) in the New Post page and is more list-driven with checkboxes next to each reminder that a writer can check off as they accomplish them. Wish it had a way to be displayed in the side-column though.

    Wish the Genki box could be moved around as well.

    But still either one add a lot of value to anyone running a blog with more than 1 writer.