3 Admin Page Tree WordPress Plugins

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The default way WordPress displays pages is a little simplistic. Pages one level down have a dash before their name whilst those which are two levels down have two dashes (and so on and so on….).

This is fine for small websites but it can be problematic finding the page you want in large websites with lots of sub levels.

Today I would like to quickly show you 3 admin plugins for WordPress which display pages in a tree hierarchy. All of them are free and can be quickly downloaded from the official WordPress plugin directory or directly via your admin area.

Enjoy :)

1. CMS Tree Page View

CMS Tree Page View

2. Admin Menu Tree Page View

Admin Menu Tree Page View

3. WordPress Page Tree

WordPress Page Tree WordPress Plugin

After trying them all out, I can’t really decide which one is the best. They all list pages in a similar way so it’s really a matter of preference.

Good luck,