10 WordPress Admin Plugins to Improve Your Admin Area

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The admin area is where you spend most of your time when working on your website or blog. So it’s worth considering using one of the many plugins available which improve the admin experience.

Today I will be showing you 10 plugins for WordPress which will improve the admin area and increase productivity and your user experience.

10 WordPress Admin Plugins

Plugins are listed in no particular order :)

1. Easy Admin Color Schemes

A basic plugin which lets you easily customise the colour scheme of your admin area. The plugin comes with grey, blue, green and red colour schemes as default and allows you to create an infinite number of custom colour schemes.

Easy Admin Color Schemes

You can force users to use your new custom colour scheme and you can set permissions for which users can create, edit and import themes. A simple plugin but one which is perfect for those who want to brand their admin area for members or authors.

Link: Easy Admin Color Schemes

2. WordPress Admin Bar

WordPress Admin Bar adds an admin bar to the top of your blog if you are logged in. This feature already exists in hosted WordPress.com blogs.

WordPress Admin Bar

There are 8 colour schemes available for the admin bar and you can fully customise it by selecting what areas of your admin area are included on the bar. You can also show the admin bar in the admin area too. A great little plugin which should increase your productivity.

Link: WordPress Admin Bar

3. Fluency Admin

Fluency Admin is an amazing plugin which really boosts your admin area. It replaces the normal admin menu with a beautiful hover area. It also allows you to add your own logo to the admin area, which is great for those who make visitors register in order to comment.

Fluency Admin Plugin

The plugin supports the classic, grey and blue admin colour schemes.

Link: Fluency Admin

4. Admin Menu Editor

Menu editor lets you customise the sidebar menu. You can reorder menus, hide sections too, and change permissions for each area too.

Admin Menu Editor

With each menu you can change the title and style it differently by linking it to a different CSS class. A useful plugin for those who want to remove certain sections and give specific menus priority at the top of the admin sidebar.

Link: Admin Menu Editor

5. WordPress Custom Admin Branding

Custom Admin branding allows you to upload a logo to your login page and the header and footer of your admin area. The colour scheme of both the login form and the header section in the admin area can be set using hexadecimal colours.

WordPress Custom Admin Branding

Make sure you upload your logo image to the images folder inside the plugin as the plugin does not let you link directly.

Link: WordPress Custom Admin Branding

6. Admin Management Xtended Plugin

The admin management xtended plugin adds an actions column to your post edit area. It allows you to quickly remove posts from your live blog, change the publications date, change the permalink and switch comments on and off.

Admin Management Xtended

The latest version also has support for the exclude pages plugin.

Link: Admin Management Xtended Plugin

7. WordPress Admin Notepad

A simple plugin which lets you save notes in your admin area. Permissions can be set so that editors and contributors can also view and/or contribute to your notes.

Wordpress Admin Notepad

Link: WordPress Admin Notepad

8. WP Admin Quicklinks

If you are looking for something a little less obtrusive than the WordPress Admin Bar, you might want to consider WP Admin Quicklinks. The plugin admin adds a small box to the top right hand side of your blog (when you are logged in). The box gives you direct access to posts, pages and plugins.

WP Admin Quicklinks

On blog posts and pages an edit page link also appears. A good plugin for those who are looking for a discreet way of accessing their admin area from their blog.

Link: WP Admin Quicklinks

9. Adminimize

One of the most advanced admin plugins available, Adminimize gives you complete control over what member groups can do. You can also deactivate menus completely or just individual sections. For example, you could allow editors to view and edit the settings area but not allow them to view the general or discussion pages.

Adminimize WordPress Plugin

If you need clients or co-authors to have more control but want to restrict what they can and cannot do, this is the plugin for you.

Link: Adminimize

10. WordPress Admin Menu Drop Down CSS

This plugin replaces the traditional left vertical sidebar with a horizontal drop down menu at the top of the page.

Ozh' Admin Drop Down Menu

The plugin also boasts a settings area where you can change the colour of the drop down menu , shrink the top level links and reduce the size of the header.

Link: WordPress Admin Menu Drop Down CSS

If you know of any other great admin plugins for WordPress please share them in the comment area.


Comments (5)

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Can you be more specific about what you need?

  • Comment by adi


    just want to ask if you have admin login plugin for wordpress?

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    With regards to redirecting subscribers, you should check out WP Block Admin. I haven’t used it personally but it sounds like that would help.

    On Thursday I have an article publishing which lists 10 plugins for taking notes. I tested a lot of plugins for the article but I didn’t come across any that let you leave notes on the user profile. You could perhaps leave notes in the admin area and have other staff members check the list.

  • Comment by WP Reader
    WP Reader

    Hey Kevin, I’m after 2 specific plugins.
    I need one plugin that will allow me to write specific notes for each user under their profile but i dont want the user to be able to see the notes – they should only be available for admins.

    I also need a plugin that will redirect any subcribers/authors etc if they try and access wp-admin – only adminstrators should be able to use the admin panel.

    Do you know of any plugins that can achieve this?

  • Comment by fever18

    I had used all the plugins on by one and return to the conclusion that FLUENCY ADMIN is best one to enhance admin bar.