10 Useful WordPress Plugins for Multi-Author Blogs & Websites

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WordPress is the perfect platform for running a multi author blog or website. By default you can allow users to leave comments with the Subscriber role or allow them to contribute to your website using the Contributor, Author, Editor or Administrator roles. Many themes also come packaged with an author template so that dedicated author information pages can be created.

As you would expect, there are lots of great plugins which let you extend the functionality of WordPress for multi author blogs and websites. Today I will be looking at 10 of the best. I hope you enjoy the list :)

10 Useful WordPress Plugins for Multi-Author Blogs

1. Admin Message Board

The admin message board is kind of like a private Twitter network for you and your authors. You can leave messages up to 140 characters long to all staff or just users you specify. A useful way of keeping your staff informed.

Admin Message Board

Link: Admin Message Board

2. Capability Manager

A useful plugin for changing the permissions of any group or user. Capability Manager allows you to set exactly what users can and cannot do. It’s an essential plugin for any multi author blog owner.

Capability Manager

Link: Capability Manager

* For the last few years i have used the Role Manager Plugin but unfortunately it is no longer updated or supported therefore I could not include it in the list. However it’s worth checking out if you don’t like Capability Manager.

3. Pre-Publish Reminders

Pre-Publish Reminders is a WordPress plugin which adds reminders in your post area. You can add numerous reminders in the tools section and control how the text is displayed.

Pre-Publish Reminders

Your reminders will then be displayed at the bottom of posts in the admin area though I recommend moving the box to underneath the post area to give it more exposure.

Pre-Publish Reminders

If you check a reminder it will be dimmed to remind the author that the task has been completed. A useful plugin for those who have guidelines for their authors.

Link: Pre-Publish Reminders

4. Co-Authors Plus

A basic plugin which allows you to attach more than one author to posts and articles. A good option for those who collaborate with other authors on long articles.

Co-Authors Plus

Link: Co-Authors Plus

5. Adsense Revenue Sharing

A simple way of sharing adsense revenue with your authors. It works well though in my opinion it needs more advanced features to make it a ‘must have’ plugin.

AdSense Revenue Sharing

Link: Adsense Revenue Sharing

6. Private Messages For WordPress

A good alternative to the admin message board is ‘Private Messages For WordPress’. The plugin allows any user to send messages to one another via your blog (when logged in). You can determine how many messages each user group gets and even switch the feature off altogether (which is advisable for the subscriber role as they are more likely to abuse the option with spam etc).

Private Messages For WordPress

To integrate the plugin with your design you need to upload a template to your theme folder and then create a page using the template.

Private Messages For WordPress

A great way to keep your authors informed as they will see their messages whenever they view your blog when logged in.

Link: Private Messages For WordPress

7. Posts by Author

A simple yet effective plugin which lists recent posts underneath their last article. The number of listed posts can be changed and posts can be excluded from certain categories.

Posts by Author

By default the list is placed at the bottom of the authors post however the list can also be generated within the article by inserting a small piece of code.

Posts by Author

The plugin hasn’t been updated in a while however it still works perfectly so is still a big favourite with multi author blog owners.

Link: Posts by Author

8. Author Exposed

Author Exposed gives an alternative to adding an author page to your theme. When a visitor clicks on your authors name their information appears via a pop up box.

Author Exposed

Link: Author Exposed

9. Edit Flow

Edit Flow is a plugin which was created to improve the editorial approval process. It’s a fantastic script which will really help those with a lot of staff.

In addition to draft, the plugin also adds more post statuses such as assigned, pending review, pitch and waiting for feedback. You can also add your own custom statuses.

Edit Flow WordPress Plugin

The plugin also adds a range of new user groups such as reporters and copy editors.

Edit Flow WordPress Plugin

If you have a lot of authors then you should check out Edit Flow as it will make your editorial process much smoother.

Link: Edit Flow

10. Future Posts Calendar

A basic plugin which adds a calendar to the top of the edit post page so that future and past articles are highlighted.

Future Posts Calendar WordPress Plugin

This would be particularly useful for blogs who only have one post per day as authors can see all scheduled posts and avoid posting on the same day.

Link: Future Posts Calendar

There are lots of great plugins available for WordPress which will help you run your multi-author blog. Everyone runs their blog and their staff differently so it’s up to you to find a solution which meets your own needs.

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  • Comment by Susanne

    Agreed! great list! I’m looking for a wp plugin that will handle over 2,500 subscribers. I’m having to change from Subribe2 because of the new update with Readygraph. I had a lot of complaints as it looks so much like spam.
    Suggestions? …. free if possible, simple but with some good features. Checked out quite a few and their restrictions on limits of subscribers eliminates them: ex. Benchmark. I want to use the new plugin on 3 of my blogs that are ‘contaminated’ with Readygraph. Thanks Susanne

  • Comment by sameer sharma
    sameer sharma

    That’s creative blogs for find plugins, Since i am going to build blog for our business so numbers of plugins will be helpful for me, so thanks for sharing this graceful content for me.

  • Comment by Susanth Wangre
    Susanth Wangre

    Great collection of plugins.. I was searching for plugins similar to pre-publish reminders..thanks for the post

  • Comment by srinivas

    Thanks a ton for the list of plugins.I am i am going to try these plugins on my blog.

  • Comment by Freekishopping.in

    Thanks for all the plugins
    Am gonna use these plugins n my blog:D

  • Comment by freekishopping

    Thanks for the plugins i am gonna use this plugins on my wordpress blog

  • Comment by Deepal

    thannks a lot for sharing all the plugins at one place…

  • Comment by pratik.chourdia

    nice suggestions but can you please suggest me a great plugin for making post entry forms ? thanks in advance

  • Comment by rupa

    great list… Here is another great resource: http://www.fortystones.com/25-awesome-plugins-multi-authored-wordpress-blogs/

  • Comment by Ravi

    Nice post and thanks for all those plugins ,i am planning to launch a multi author blog in my college ..this post is really useful for me…THANKS AGAIN

  • Comment by Mahendra

    Interesting list.I am planning to use adsense revenue sharing plugin in near future

  • Comment by Bapun

    Lovely list. Since I am running a number of multi-author blogs, I am kinda familiar with many of these plugins. “Audit Trail” plugin should have been there.. ;)

  • Comment by David Glubber
    David Glubber

    Thank you for the great share.

  • Comment by WP Content Plugins
    WP Content Plugins

    Great work, i am going to include some of the plugins in my blog.

  • Comment by Bart

    Hi Kevin, you’re welcome. I found this particular article of yours with google and have no knowledge of your other great articles at the time ;) So perhaps other folks who have the same background to be here can easily pick it up.


  • Comment by Bart

    One more tip: Below plugin really helps to clean up your post dashboard for guest writers, so custom fields etc can all be disablede. Including items on your main dashboard….great!


  • Comment by Bart

    Thanks, very usefull article. One more tip: For contributers sign-up/register process from your website, I recommend this plugin to customize the WP register form and add Terms and Conditions etc:


    Works like an angle, using it on WP .3.0

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Another great plugin Bart. I listed it at number 9 in my ‘10 WordPress Admin Plugins to Improve Your Admin Area‘ article :)

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Yeah Register Plus is a great plugin. I actually reviewed it in June.

  • Comment by Viktor

    I was looking for something like Capability Manager, but link doesnt work anymore. You should update it to WP repository.

    I like EditFlow, playing with it. But it lacks control right now. Authors can publish articles and change deadlines, which is not so good when you have editors for that.

  • Comment by Kane B.
    Kane B.

    Great list Kevin. Just what I needed for my new WP site.

    Thank you.

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    no probs. Glad you like the list :)

  • Comment by Premium Wordpress Themes
    Premium Wordpress Themes

    I was actually planing on transforming one of my blogs to a community type website and this is exactly what I needed. There are some really great plugins here definitely worth checking out. thanks Kevin!

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Thanks Travis. Glad you liked the list.

    Our design was created by Blog Design Studio. I recommend contacting them in future if you are looking for a blog redesign :)


  • Comment by Travis


    Great list of plugins here. I had no idea that these types of plugins even existed, but then again I don’t have any multi-author blogs either. This is definitely worth a bookmark, though, for future reference. Thanks for putting the list together. And by the way, nice looking blog you have here:)