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If you’ve been looking for a free or even inexpensive WordPress theme for a while, it probably didn’t take you long to see the 20 or so themes that make just about every single blog’s list of free themes. You’ve also probably noticed that if you’re not already sick and tired of seeing a particular design all over the internet – the remaining themes on the list are kind of dull. Enter: this post. I’ve done my best to slice through the most duplicated and/or lame free WordPress themes commonly posted to put together what I believe are 10 “almost-too-good-to-be-true” free WordPress themes. Enjoy!

1. Beauty & Clean

This gorgeous WordPress theme is clean, bright, minimal, and perfect for anything from a personal blog to company website.

BeautyClean wordpress theme

Info & Download | Demo

2. Admirable

Well suited for a tech blog, this theme has a magazine look and feel that makes scanning for headlines and finding new content easy.

Admirable wordpress theme
Info & Download | Demo

3. gRID!

A sleek and simple portfolio theme, gRID! will function as a beautiful showcase for your latest works.

gRID wordpress theme

Info & Download | Demo

4. Busby

Busby is a clean personal blog design that has a short form look about it. If not for the large right side bar that screams WordPress this could almost be a tumblr style theme. An attractive combination for showcasing personal posts in short form.

Busby wordpress theme

Info & Download | Demo

5. Design Group

This beautifully designed company website is perfect for freelancers or creative companies looking to get a website up and running. It’s not often you find something that fits a company’s needs so well with the price-tag of free.

DesignGroup wordpress theme

Info & Download | Demo

6. Ureeka

Perfectly suited for a book review blog this attractive theme offers a memorable layout that keeps the viewer’s attention on the content – aka, books.

ureeka wordpress theme

Info & Download | Demo

7. Pronto

This neat and tidy grid shaped theme would be perfect for that creative typography, t-shirt design, or art blog you’ve been wanting to start.

Pronto wordpress theme

Info & Download | Demo

8. Abtely Theme

Nothing fancy here, but sometimes all you need (or want) is a clean, straightforward design that gets the job done without exploding “personality” all over you. In that case, Beatheme is the theme for you.

Beatheme wordpress theme

Info & Download | Demo

9. Academica

A good looking educational site is rare to come across. Not quite so rare as a good looking government site, but still it’s not common. If you’re looking to give your school’s page a facelift for free you might want to give Academica a try.

Academica wordpress theme

Info & Download | Demo

10. Gridly

Highly customizable, flexible layout that automatically morphs to match the size of your browser window, and super cool design. No one will ever believe you got this theme for free.

Gridly wordpress theme

Info & Download | Demo

BONUS: check out the awesome collection of free WordPress themes at Dessign.net. I’m a huge fan of Marios Lublinski’s work. All of his themes have sophisticated minimal designs and work perfectly for portfolio or magazine WordPress themes. I could have made this entire post about his themes but decided to include this bonus section instead so I could feature more great resources.

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  • Comment by Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    Hello Masud,

    It appears that theme company is no longer in business (this post is over 2 years old) or their website is down. If their website is not back up by the end of the week, I would look for a new theme if I were you. I know you may be looking for a free theme but we have over 600 premium themes starting at around $20.

    Good luck


  • Comment by Masud

    I like the “Abtely Theme” but when I clicked the link to download or demo it shows maintenance mode.

  • Comment by Karan Chopra
    Karan Chopra

    Well, nothing good in them. Honestly, all are total waste.

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    Good selection of no cost themes, awesome quality of styles which are free of charge, sure we can see the big evolution of WordPress as well as many people who are using it.

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    Great collection of free themes! Amazing the quality of themes that are free now, shows the progression of WordPress and the people that are using it.

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    actually, half of it looks like free wordpress theme, except Beauty & Clean, gRID, Pronto, Eureka, and gridly. nice collection, but i think you should browse more.