10 Facebook Related WordPress Plugins

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Facebook is now undoubtedly the biggest social media website in the world with just about everybody who is online using it. Therefore it’s important to leverage it’s popularity with your WordPress powered blog or website.

Today I will be looking at 10 WordPress plugins which integrate Facebook with your website and help you promote your content to readers on the networking site.

Sharing Your Posts

1. Add to Facebook

Add to Facebook WordPress PluginAdd To facebook is a simply plugin which adds a ‘Share on Facebook’ link at the bottom of your posts. The link can be added automatically or manually via templates and be linked via text, an image, or both.

Note, the plugin Add Post To Facebook seems to be identical.

Download Link: Add to Facebook

2. Publish to Facebook

Publish to Facebook allows you to publish posts or pages (or both) directly from your WordPress admin area. Once the plugin is activated you will be taken to Facebook directly after you hit the publish button on your articles. You can then publish your new article to your Facebook feed from here.

Download Link: Publish to Facebook

3. Post to Facebook

Another plugin which allows you to publish your posts directly from the post area, Post to Facebook adds a ‘Post to Facebook’ button to your post page so you can publish to your Facebook feed at any time.

Post to Facebook WordPress Plugin

Download Link: Post to Facebook

4. Simple Facebook Link

A basic plugin which lets you add a link to your posts and articles. The link needs to be hard coded into your templates.

Download Link: Simple Facebook Link


5. Facebook Dashboard Widget

Facebook Dashboard Widget is a fantastic widget which lets you Facebook updates to your WordPress dashboard.

The number of updates to show and the height of the status boxes can be changed in the settings area.

Facebook Dashboard Widget WordPress Plugin

You can add friends status updates, notifications and posted items. Each type can be switched on or off.

Facebook Dashboard Widget WordPress Plugin

Download Link: Facebook Dashboard Widget

6. WP Facebook

Reviewed on WP Mods a few weeks ago, WP Facebook is a great plugin which adds several Facebook features such as Facebook comment integration, Facebook login, Open Graph Protocol Compatibility, and several Facebook widgets.

WP Facebook Widgets

Download Link: WP Facebook

7. Simple Facebook Connect

Simple Facebook Connect offers a huge range of Facebook integration options such as publishing posts automatically to Facebook, commentating using your Facebook login, fanbox widgets, share posts and much more.

Simple Facebook Connect WordPress Plugin

To read more about the comment part of the plugin please check out our Simple Facebook Connect review.

Download Link: Simple Facebook Connect

8. RSS Graffiti

Reviewed in March on WP Mods, www.rssgraffiti.com is a Facebook application which lets you update your Facebook page with the latest posts from your blog.

The application works really well and is currently used to update WP Mods fans on Facebook about the latest blog posts here.

RSS Graffiti

If you are looking for a way to inform your Facebook fans of your latest posts, I encourage you to check RSS Graffiti out.

Facebook Installation Page: www.facebook.com/RSS.Graffiti
Official Website: www.rssgraffiti.com

9. Facebook CommentsTNG

Pulls your notes and comments from Facebook profiles and pages and imports them into your blog comment area.

Facebook CommentsTNG WordPress Plugin

Download Link: Facebook CommentsTNG

10. Feed Facebook, Leave Facebook

Facebook has an option to import blog posts from an RSS feed into a profile or page using notes. The Feed Facebook, Leave Facebook WordPress plugin creates excerpts from your posts and places a link back to your site at the bottom.

It’s a good plugin to use if you don’t want your full posts exported into Facebook.

Feed Facebook, Leave Facebook WordPress Plugin

Download Link: Feed Facebook, Leave Facebook

What’s your favourite Facebook plugin for WordPress?