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Jason is an educator, business owner, and author. As one of the first dozen professors of website design in the country, his lectures and workshops dynamically cater to all user levels. His company, Gravity Switch, works with higher education and innovative businesses and is the top agile web development firm in New England. Jason keeps his carbon footprint down by bicycling to work year round. He's enjoying Twitter , so be sure to shout out if you have any impossible problems. He likes to be challenged.

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Choosing the right web hosting company is a critical component for anyone with a website, however it is one of the least glamorous aspects and is often not given enough consideration. Not all web hosting companies are created equal. Here are 5 features that don’t matter when picking a web host and 2 things every host must have. 5 features that just don’t matter when picking a web host 1. Never trust the web host for backups You would think having a web host with a bullet-proof backup plan would be critical. At Gravity Switch we don’t even bother asking […]

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Whether you’re just starting out with computer programming, have 20 years experience or your programming career’s somewhere in the middle—Here’s six steps for changing the way you think about programming and improving your programming skills in the process. Bill Gates once famously stated, “I think after the first three or four years, it’s pretty cast in concrete whether you’re a good programmer or not.” Many programming visionaries seem to agree with him and the idea that good programmers are born, not made. As someone who looks at LOTs of resumes and code samples for computer programmer jobs, I do believe […]