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I’m a web developer and owner of several online businesses. I love noodles, good coffee and geeking out over web design and development stuff along with keeping up with the latest in business marketing ideas and trends. I call Brisbane, Australia my home as I’ve lived here most of my life and love the city and the people.

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You might remember the Thirsty Affiliates WordPress plugin from a few months ago if you’re a long time reader of this blog. Kevin wrote a fantastic review of the plugin which covered all about the first version. My name is Josh Kohlbach, I’m the developer of the plugin and today I’m super proud to announce to you that ThirstyAffiliates has released version 2.0 of the plugin. There’s a number of things changing and a few cool new features that I think you will like. Kevin asked me to stop by and write up a post showing people what’s changed and […]