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Recently, Elegant Themes, which houses nearly 100 WordPress themes for a litany of different websites, upped its prices for new members. Now, new customers will pay a $69 per year subscription fee, up from $39. However, developer subscriptions were unaffected and remain $89 per year. Additionally, current customers will continue to receive Elegant Themes’ arsenal of products for the same price they have been paying. Why did Elegant Themes’ price increase? To find out, and gauge the reaction so far, we caught up with founder Nick Roach to get the answers straight from the horse’s mouth. WPHub: How long has […]

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There are many things in life that accurately represent the saying “you get what you pay for” often with WordPress themes you can get a good theme for less that $50 but you have to do some really hard searching to find a ‘great’ theme for that price. Here is a list of themes that we feel are worth a little bit more that the average theme price. I hope you enjoy the list. 1. Landscape Regular License: $79 Info & Download | Demo 2. Outreach Regular License: $79 Info & Download | Demo 3. Enterprise Regular License: $79 Info […]

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The wp-config.php file is arguably the most important file in the WordPress core as it contains the connection details for your database. Anyone who has installed WordPress manually will know that the file is also used to define your database prefix, your authentication keys, and WordPress’s default language. Wp-config.php can be used to modify WordPress in many more ways. By default, WordPress is configured to do things in a specific way. The wp-config.php file allows you to change these default settings so that your website is tailored to your own needs. In this article, I would like to share with […]

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This is an intermediate level tutorial for WordPress developers. In this tutorial I will explain how to add a responsive navigation menu to any WordPress theme using CSS, media queries and Jquery. Later in the tutorial, I will show you a couple different WordPress plugins you can use to get similar results for those of you that do not like to code. Although, I always caution that plugins can often significantly slow down any WordPress installation when too many or the wrong one is used. That is why I always start out most of my tutorials by offering an alternative […]

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Of all the colors in the visual spectrum, few are more pleasing to the eye than blue. Blue has dozens of pleasant associations; a vibrant afternoon sky, a breezy body of water, the deep sheen of a sapphire, just to name a few. Blue is very popular because it doesn’t overwhelm like some other colors do, and it can provide a more professional appearance to your content. There are countless websites that use blue as their primary color scheme, and the ones we’ve provided here are great for presenting a professional and easy-to-look-at page. Take a look! 1. TheCorporation Regular […]