How To Find Missed Schedule Posts And Republish Them

The ability to schedule posts in advance is one of the best features of WordPress. Without it, you would have to manually publish posts at the exact time you want them published. In order to publish posts at the correct time and date in the future, a cron job is set up by WordPress (using wp-cron.php).

Unfortunately, every now and then WordPress doesn’t publish a post at the scheduled time. This has happened to me on a number of occasions. It’s particularly frustrating if you have been on holiday at the time as it means your regular posting frequency is interrupted. If a post doesn’t publish when it should, WordPress doesn’t rectify it, and if you don’t notice that the post schedule has been missed, it will just hang there in your admin area until you do.

WP Missed Schedule Fix Failed Posts addresses this issue and makes sure that any posts that miss their schedule are published as soon as possible.

WP Missed Schedule Fix Failed Posts

Every 5 minutes the plugin checks for posts in the past that still have ‘post_status=future’ in the wp schedule single event function. If any posts are found to have missed their schedule, the plugin will fix up to 5 items. If there are more than 5 posts that have missed their schedule, the plugin will correct these issues in the next 5 minute run.

I think that this is a great plugin to have installed as every now and then WordPress will inevitably miss a post schedule. The plugin will publish posts that have missed their schedule at the time they should have been published therefore before using the plugin I recommend checking all posts on your site that haven’t been published i.e. manually find posts that haven’t been published. This will allow you to reschedule posts that have missed their schedule rather than publishing them at their original dates. For example, if a post missed its schedule three weeks ago, it’s usually better to republish the post in the future rather than publish retrospectively three weeks ago (excluding news and time related posts etc).

If you’ve ever had one of your posts miss their schedule, I recommend trying WP Missed Schedule Fix Failed Posts out.


Link: WP Missed Schedule Fix Failed Posts

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