Showcase is designed to make the artists and art site owners out there happy. This Organic Themes offering has a lot of great elements to its design that will keep such users happy. For instance, the theme is provided with a minimalistic design. For sites that want to make sure that their visual content stands out over the design of the site itself, this is a necessity. Of course, you also want your site to look professional, and Showcase makes it possible to get a professional site without paying the high costs of design.

The Showcase theme shares a framework with most of the other themes that Organic Themes makes available. This framework is regularly updated and there is support available from the company. If you’re not a professional designer, this makes it easier to manage the site as you won’t have to worry about doing updates on your own. For professional designers, it means that you always have the most improved version to work with the theme uses JQuery for its more advanced effects; this will ensure that you don’t have embarrassing display issues with your site if someone happens to be using a browser with tight security settings that block JavaScript effects.

The Showcase theme has a portfolio category. The layout options include 1-3 column design; plenty of flexibility, even if you have a lot of content that you need to make available. This theme includes the Photoshop files that were used to build it. You do have the option, if you prefer, of making more drastic changes to the look of the site. The theme is ready for widgets and you can use Gravity Form technology on it, as well. There are quite a few advanced features and, with the framework on which Showcase is built, you can control most of them from the backend panels.

This theme is also set up for mobile devices. This is great for any portfolio site as the most difficult incompatibilities with format usually occur between desktop and mobile technologies. With the mobile version included, can be sure that your visitors will be able to see your site the way it was meant to be, whether they’re on the go or at home.

The Showcase theme should make anyone who needs a portfolio site happy. There are enough customization options that it can easily be adapted to the needs of many different types of users.

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