Sharp is a professional theme with many powerful features. The layouts of this theme—there are three available—are all business and it wouldn’t be a good choice for a personal site. For a professional web destination, however, this theme has a lot to offer. The theme is provided with plenty of advanced features and they tend to emphasize making this theme visible and convenient for the search engine spiders.

There are advanced SEO features included in this theme that make it easy to manage your strategies for search engine visibility. The theme allows you to change the SEO settings of individual pages and to make sure that they appear to the engines the way you wish. The theme is built on fully-compliant and validated code, so you don’t have to worry about the search engines ignoring your pages because they weren’t programmed correctly. There are also very flexible layout options with this theme.

The Sharp theme allows you to change between different sidebar arrangements and to customize your theme with different post types. There are portfolio post types included so that you can show off images of your products or pictures that you want to share with clients. You can also customize the fonts on this theme so that you get the level of readability you need to appeal to your visitors the most.

The Sharp theme has a shortcode generator that makes it easy to make your own shortcodes. There is also a selection of predefined shortcodes that you can use to vastly simplify the process of page layout. This theme allows you to add unlimited sidebars to the pages, as well, so making truly innovative pages with a lot of different technical features is not a hard thing to do with Sharp.

Sharp is very professional and, of course, it comes with documentation so that you can take advantage of all of its advanced features. This theme has the type of flexibility that makes it ideal for businesses that don’t have a full-time designer or IT person who can handle programming tasks but that needs to make sure that they have a professional web presence out of the box. With the powerful features that it includes, this theme can be used for just about any business and customized to provide the exact look and feel the business wants to project to its clients and the visitors that come to its website.

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