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Pinpress gives you the same layout as Pinterest in a WordPress theme. This theme is easy to use and is designed to be simple for those who use the Pinpress platform. Between having some familiarity with that platform and the WordPress platform, any user should be able to get this theme set up and running. This theme is more suited to personal designers than professional ones. It’s really designed to emulate the popular social networking platform, making it an unlikely choice for business users.

The Pinpress layout comes set up and ready to go right out of the box. It uses the same layout as Pinterest. Multiple columns make it easy to add a great many images to the theme, providing plenty of room to share whatever you wish. The theme is compatible with different browser sizes, including those found on smartphones and tablet computers.

Users will be able to interact with your posts in the same fashion as they would be able to react to Pinterest posts. There are plenty of ways that this theme can be customized, as well, so you shouldn’t find yourself short of options when you get this theme set up.

Technical Features

Pinpress is designed to be easy to use. The theme can be setup in minutes. All you need to do is upload the theme and it will be functional as soon as it is selected. The theme is provided with all of the widgets you need to get the layout customized just as you wish.

This theme is also search engine optimized. This means that the code is designed to conform to web authoring standards, ensuring that you don’t end up losing ranking on the search engines because their crawlers cannot index you. This also ensures that the theme is compatible with all of the standards-supporting browsers on the market. That number includes most of the big names in browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari and so forth.

This theme may be designed for everyday users, but it does have a lot of professional-grade features to it. Its color scheme and other options can be customized from an admin panel. This makes it easy to make whatever changes you want without having to worry that you’ll destroy the standards-compliant code. Of course, making these changes is also only as difficult as changing a menu selection, ensuring that anyone can do it.

Pinpress provides a great option for users who want to utilize the successful design of Pinterest on their own sites. It has a host of features built into it and, because they all set themselves up more or less automatically, users shouldn’t have any trouble getting this to work. For WordPress users who want this particular customization, this theme offers great options and a lot of power in an easy to understand package that anyone can appreciate and use.

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