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iFeature Pro 4 is a newly updated theme from CyberChimps. The all-new iFeature Pro 4 has been updated for WordPress 3.3 and all of the latest popular web browsers (note, no IE6 support though). iFeature Pros key features include a drag and drop interface, both blog and normal page layouts, html5/css3 support and the Foundation Framework. With a single iFeature Pro 4 license, you can use the theme on as many websites as you’d like — it goes without saying that this is a huge value-added if you’re looking to upgrade your look on several domains. And best of all, once purchased, you get free updates to iFeature Pro for life!

Overall, on first glance at iFeature Pro 4, it is clear that CyberChimps is trying to utilize the best of Apple Inc design tendencies within the framework of a WordPress theme. This allows for a lot of carryover in terms of easy of use for those who use Apple products and software. However, because of trademark Apple simplicity, the theme is still quite easy to use for those who still use PCs and have never touched an Apple or even an iPhone.

iFeature Pro 4 has a number of color and layout options. In addition, with its so-called “Responsive Design”, iFeature Pro 4 automatically adjusts to browser window width (just try it out on the demo!) including on mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, Androids and Windows Phone. In addition, with the theme admin panel in the WordPress backend, you can utilize the Drag & Drop interface to rearrange the layout of your blog. While the Drag & Drop doesn’t cover every aspect of the blog, combined with the other features of iFeature Pro 4, it allows for nearly total control over every element that you could possibly want to change. All without any programming, html or css knowledge. However, should you want to make more elaborate custom changes, iFeature Pro 4 also makes it easy to add custom CSS. And just in case you make a mistake while customizing, you can always easily reset to default!

One of the biggest advances in web design over the last several years is the availability of additional fonts beyond the usual suspects (i.e., Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, etc) that have been around for years. Both the emergence of high quality browsers such as Chrome and Firefox along with new javascript technology has allowed websites to embed fonts that users do not have to have installed on their computer. iFeature Pro 4 has Google Fonts built in directly which gives you free access to a large and diverse font library for usage on your site. While there are additional font services out there such as FontSquirrel and TypeKit should you require a different font, almost everyone will be able to find a font that they are happy with in the Google Font repository. In addition, with an advanced service like Google Fonts, you won’t have to be concerned about inaccessibility of your fonts due to lackluster programming on the part of the font repository. You can be assured that Google will stay on top of things and update their scripts to allow for the widest possible compatibility.

Overall iFeature Pro 4 is a great new theme, check it out! You can also visit CyberChimp’s full selection of themes at cyberchimps.com.


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