Fable by Elegant Themes focuses on blogging and offers quite a bit of leeway for those who also want to incorporate its default design into a method for promoting portfolios and recent projects. Due to its numerous custom page templates, you can use Fable for business purposes as well. The scrolling homepage allows a massive amount of content and diverse entries to be published on one page.

Designed For Blogging

Fable Homepage

When you first take a look at the Fable Live Demo page, you’ll notice that the main entry is a blog post that can be clicked on to go through to the full publication. This is typical of the Fable theme, but not at all a measure of its limits.

The scrolling homepage has a number of allotted slots for everything from portfolio highlights to image galleries (complete with LightBox effects). This makes for an interesting combination of possibilities even for the casual blogger, as he/she can implement as many or as few custom page templates as necessary in order to make a well rounded website that contains content that is attractive for a wide range of visitors.

Fable Portfolio

In the screenshot above, you’ll notice that the portfolio page has thumbnail images that can be clicked on in order to view additional information.

Fully Responsive Design

Those who are familiar with the Elegant Themes commercial release format are aware that all of the company’s newer themes come with a 100% responsive design. This makes it easy to cater to mobile device and tablet computer users who are viewing your website from a smaller screen.

Fable Responsive Design

Regardless of your experience as a webmaster, this feature can be implemented automatically without you or the site owner having to do any extra work in order to make it function. To test this out, simply go to the live demo page and reduce the size of your browser window to see how the content automatically adjusts.

Multimedia Capabilities

One of the great things about the Fable theme is its ability to post multimedia content that is embedded from sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. This makes it easy to take a video entry and post it on your site without any hassle.

Fable Video Entry

There is also the ability to designate which type of post you would like to enter in order to change the format of the text. For example, a look at the Quote Post Type below shows that you can display quotes on your site and make them appear in a unique fashion. This will add variety to your content.

Fable Quote Post Type

To select a post type, simply go to the menu on the right-hand side of your WordPress back-end screen whenever creating or editing a post.

Complete Shortcodes Collection

Shortcodes make it extremely easy to add more features to your content without having to go into the Editor. There is a wide variety of shortcodes included in the Fable download; with full access to all of the firm’s premium themes for a yearly subscription price of $39.

Fable Shortcodes

For more information, or to view more premiumWordPress themes, please visit ElegantThemes.com.