DeepFocus by Elegant Themes is a fully featured premium product for blog sites that uses LightBox effects to highlight photographic content and boasts a scrolling Homepage Content Slider that provides additional information when moused-over. On top of that, DeepFocus is 100% responsive to adjust to any screen size.

This WordPress theme review was updated on October 9, 2013, with additional information.

Downloading And Installing Your WordPress Theme

In order to download and install the DeepFocus theme onto your website, you will need to first become a subscriber of Elegant Themes. Upon purchasing a subscription, go to the members page and move your cursor down to the DeepFocus icon. To the right, you’ll see a “Download” link so click on that, and then the “Theme Package” link that appears above.

DeepFocus Download Theme Package

The Theme Package .zip file should be saved locally, at which point you can open up the Dashboard page of your own website and choose the Appearance > Themes tab from the left. Click the “Install Themes” tab at the top of the window that appears and then the “Upload” link below that to bring up a fresh window. Place the .zip folder in the box and hit “Install Now” to continue.

Upload and Install WordPress Theme

Your WordPress theme is almost ready for use. The final step is to click the “Activate” link below once DeepFocus has unpacked. To access the ePanel, click on the link to the right of your current theme icon or go to the Appearance > DeepFocus Theme Options tab on the left-hand WordPress menu.

DeepFocus Activate Theme

DeepFocus Current Theme

Stylish Theme For Photography Blogs

The Homepage Content Slider that comes included with the DeepFocus theme has an adjustable animation speed and can display an unlimited amount of content. When a slide is moused-over, a message appears on the right-hand side providing more information along with a “Read More” link to click-through to see the full post.

DeepFocus Homepage Slider

Below the slider is an area that can be customized to contain several blurbs that link to individual pages such as “About Me,” “Contact,” and more. This Content Management System (CMS) style works well for organizing your site’s content and making the vast majority of it presentable from the reader’s first visit.

DeepFocus Homepage Blurbs

The Portfolio page features LightBox effects that slightly raise the image that is currently being moused-over and gives two links: one that will enlarge and the other that will take you to a description/more info page that displays the image in higher-res. Showing off your content is extremely easy with this theme as it gives the webmaster full design control over layout without sacrificing animation graphics.

DeepFocus Portfolio

DeepFocus Is A Fully Responsive Theme

DeepFocus Responsive Theme

Taking tablet computer and mobile device screen sizes into consideration when choosing a website theme has become essential due to the increased use of iPads, iPhones, Blackberry and Android screens. With DeepFocus, you won’t have to download extra plugins (such as the “HandHeld” product from Elegant Themes) to manually program unique parameters for small-screen visitors. This theme will adjust automatically to your reader’s screen size without you ever having to worry about code or extra tweaking.

Right Sidebar and Color Schemes

There is a widgetized area for DeepFocus in the form of a right-hand sidebar where widgets can be placed along with a 125×125 advertisement banner. You can also enable the 468×60 ad banner that appears below posts via the Ad Management ePanel section.

DeepFocus Right Sidebar

DeepFocus includes 5 color schemes: Grey (default), Noise, Wooden, Smooth-Green and Stone. I tried each of these out on my own site and three of the options are based more on texture than color.

DeepFocus Color Schemes

DeepFocus Theme Summary

This theme works well in a lot of ways, and also comes packed with Elegant Themes shortcodes to ensure full customization of tabbed content, image sliders, buttons, social media and more. Due to its enlarge and click-through options for each portfolio image and its animated content slider plus blurbs Homepage section, DeepFocus is a complete product that gets an added bonus for being 100% responsive.

For more information, or to see their complete collection of themes, please visit

For more information, or to view our entire collection of premium themes for WordPress, please visit