The Adam Smith WordPress theme offers an option for those who have an interest in building sites based around movies and other entertainment, people who need a portfolio or any other application that requires bold images. It has plenty of space on the homepage to show off images and other content so that your viewers can see your content or that they’ve arrived at a place that has all of the information they want on the most current items of interest. This theme would prove suitable for somebody who was creating a site like this for personal use or for a business. It can also serve as a portfolio site, given the interesting way in which images are arranged on the homepage.

The homepage is dominated by an image slider that automatically rotates through a variety of thumbnailed selections. This is the standout feature of this theme. It could also work very well for showing images from video games, fashion shoots, movies or anything else that you wanted to feature on your site. The bottom line is that with Adam Smith you get a great theme if you have visual content that you want to show off and that you want to use to draw visitors deeper into your site.

There are some great customization options that you can do on this theme. If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, however, you can request a customization quote from the designers. If you are not the designer yourself and are not comfortable working with complex themes, this may be a great option for you. In fact, this option allows just about anybody to purchase this theme and to get it customized right away so that they can get their own site up and running very quickly. The original PSD and PHP files are included with the purchase, so you can make customizations on your own, if you prefer.

This theme offers you quite a bit in terms of a great portfolio, movie, entertainment or other site that relies heavily on visual content. Adam Smith is also written in standards compliant code, so you don’t have to worry about anything on the theme not functioning as you intended it to. The theme will display correctly in any of the modern browsers on the market and is certainly up to the standards of a professional. There is an option to purchase this theme and to remove it from the market altogether to avoid somebody else having the same website theme.

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