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On Monday Chris Boyd released a fantastic plugin which I’m sure is going to be loved by all mobile bloggers. Once installed, GeoLocation allows geo-enabled mobile applications for iPhone, Blackberry and Android, to display the location of the blogger publicly. More importantly, you can do this via the regular WordPress admin area too.

Geo-tagging was already available as an option for the official iPhone and Blackberry applications though this information was not displayed on the self-hosted blog (i.e. those who didn’t view the blog via an iPhone or Blackberry didn’t see the geotag information). This plugin rectifies this issue by adding a text link in the blog post (which can be placed wherever the blogger wants) and when the visitor hovers over the link a location map pops up with the location of the blogger.

GeoLocation uses Google Maps, therefore you can set whether you display your location at a Global, Country, State, City, Street or Block level. You can also set the size of the map and determine where the map is placed in your post.

GeoLocation Settings Area

After you have activated the plugin and decided how your map is going to be displayed, you can set your location at the bottom of the edit post page.

Set your location at the bottom of your pos

I set my location to my home town of Wishaw. You can see this location by hovering over the link at the end of this blog post.


Although GeoLocation was developed for mobile bloggers, I think that this plugin could be useful for many different types of bloggers as it allows you to geotag any blog post with any location. For example, review blogs could geotag the location of restaurants, hotels and destinations they are reviewing.

Though it was obviously created with mobile bloggers in mind. So if you are looking for a way of telling your readers where you are blogging from I recommend checking GeoLocation out as it works really well :)

Download: GeoLocation


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  • Thanks for the review, Kevin! I’m glad you’re enjoying the plugin. Let me know if you have any ideas for new features.

  • Kevin (Admin)

    Hi Chris,

    Yeah it’s a great little plugin. I have a blackberry myself and have the official app, though I haven’t used it. Though I might in the future (train/bus journeys etc).

    I read another comment about the plugin elsewhere (can’t recall where) and the writer suggested that an option to include the map without hovering over the link would be good. I have to agree.

    What’s the response been to the plugin so far?



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