11 Business Card WordPress Themes

This article was revised on January 25th, 2013, with new information, updated pricing and removal of discontinued themes.

If you are looking for something simplistic for your company website or personal blog, you may want to consider using a ‘Business Card’ or ‘Virtual Card’ WordPress theme. These designs display nothing but essential information such as an about page, portfolios, social media addresses and contact information; all of which is wrapped up in a attractive small package.

Today I would like to show you a mixture of free and premium business card themes for WordPress. I am a big fan of these kind of designs but unfortunately I was only able to find 11 designs out there. Nevertheless, I hope you find this list useful.

Enjoy :)

Business Card WordPress Themes

1. MyResume
Free to all Elegant Themes Members ($39 a year)

MyResume WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

2. BusinessCard
Free to all Elegant Themes Members ($39 a year)

BusinessCard WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

3. MiniSite
Regular License: $35

MiniSite WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

4. Elegant vCard
Regular License: $9

Elegant vCard WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

5. Zwin Responsive vCard Theme
Regular License: $8

Zwin Responsive vCard Theme

Info & Download | Demo

6. Me.Card
Regular License: $10

Me.Card WordPress Theme

Info & Download

7. The Digital Business Card

The Digital Business Card WordPress Theme

Info | Download | Demo

8. Ipsity

Ipseity WordPress Theme

Info | Download | Demo

9. MiniCard

MiniCard WordPress Theme

Info | Download | Demo

10. Visiting Card

Visiting Card WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo

11. BizzCard
Free to download however licensed version has more features

BizzCard WordPress Theme

Info & Download | Demo


I hope you enjoyed the list. If I come across any more business card designs I’ll make sure I add them to the list.

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  • “The Digital Business Card” is best theme for â€ËœBusiness Cardâ€â„¢ or â€ËœVirtual Cardâ€â„¢

  • Kevin (Admin)

    That’s definitely one of the best if you use a lot of social media sites actively :)

  • hello dear admin,i need this them’s free download linke : vCard Professional Portfolio WordPress can u send it for me pls ?

  • Kevin (Admin)

    No sorry I can’t. That’s a premium theme. You have to pay for it.

  • This is what I am looking for. A very nice selection of Business Cards. Thanks Kevin…

  • thanks for the Themes Suggestion for card. i am finding every-ware but i found your blog. thanks a lot Kevin

  • Greate collection! i`ve used 2 themnes from this list
    thanks a lot!


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