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Our Great WordPress Giveaway proved to be very popular during the Summer. Since the competition ended we have given away some more themes and prizes through Facebook to WP Mods readers.

I want to continue to use the WP Mods Facebook page as a way of connecting with readers and giving away great prizes. Therefore over the next few months I will be giving away over 30+ domains that I own to readers. Many of the domains are or were small content websites so have a little traffic already.

Why Give Domains Away For Free?

Like a lot of bloggers and marketers who work online, I have a lot of domains and websites in my portfolio. Over the last year or so I have sold many of these domains and websites so that I can concentrate on only 3 or 4 projects. I’ve found that if my portfolio is too big it can be a distraction and take precious time away from projects that really matter.

I recently attempted to sell many of these domains recently on Flippa however the auction seemed to get very little traffic, and as a result, very few serious bids. I would rather just give the domains away to WP Mods readers who would use them or sell them at a good price rather than continue to waste my time selling them.

Some of the domains up for grabs over the next few months are:

  • 3 letter .info domains such as kdr.info, mhc.info and nqr.info.
  • 4 letter domains such as mixa.org, pevo.info and stir.info.
  • Longer domains such as juicyjournal.com, poker-affiliates.biz and teethwhiteninginformation.org.
  • Small websites with a little traffic such as PowerBalls.biz, MP3 Player Mayhem and Osgoodschlatter.net.

During the competition we will still periodically be giving away great theme and plugin prizes from sponsors to Facebook page.

How To Win A Prize

Those of you who took part in our summer giveaway will be aware of how simple our competition is. All you have to do is follow us on Facebook.

  • Details of a prize will be posted every few days.
  • To enter all you have to do is like the status of the message.
  • 1 or 2 days later a winner will be chosen randomly from those who liked the message.

To keep things fair and distribute prizes more fairly, anyone who wins a prize will not be eligible to enter another competition for a period of 7 days. In the event that an ineligible person is chosen, a winner will simple be redrawn.

All of the domains are hosted through eNom. The winner will have the domain pushed to their eNom account for free. They can then transfer the domain to the registrar of their choosing should they wish. With the small websites that are being given away, the winner will have the site emailed to them and with get complete access to the hosting area so that they can transfer the site to their own hosting account (They will have 7 days to do so).

Good luck,

Link: WP Mods Facebook Page

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  • Comment by Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas

    laxmankasula you are right. i am agree with you and surprised to hear this giveaway prize.

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Glad you like the competition. Good luck to everyone who enters :)

  • Comment by Amor

    So generous of you Kevin for giving away 30+ domains to your readers. :)

  • Comment by laxmankasula

    It is sure that this giveaway will also be memorable.