A Creative Way To Get More Free Time With WP To Twitter

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I’d like to share with you a very cool plugin called WP to Twitter that will help to reduce time you need to tweet after adding new posts. If you’re a blogger or have magazine website based on wordpress this plugin is an easy way to automatically generate tweets on post publish. All you need to do is just create twitter and URL shortening service accounts. I recommend bit.ly

WP to Twitter

When you’re done go to Settings -> WP-to-Twitter, as you can see this plugin is using shortcodes to create templates on post updates.

WP To Twitter

So it’s possible to generate different tweet format for post, comments and pages.

On the next settings options you have a simple guide how to register and connect your page to Twitter by creating app and providing secret keys and tokens. Then create shortening service account and also provide username and API key. You have a multiple choice here: Su.pr, Bit.ly, Goo.gl, YOURLS, WordPress.

WP To Twitter

WP To Twitter

After all those registering stuff you’ll be able to set some basic and advanced settings.
Using shorcodes is easy and allows to generate template very fast.

WP To Twitter

The most useful advanced setting is Google Analytics part, where you track the response from Twitter using Google Analytics by defining a campaign identifier. So it’s gonna be easy to check if you got any results from auto tweeting.

WP To Twitter

Now you are ready to generate tweets automatically, but if would like to create custom tweet just scroll down on add new post screen and there is custom box, where shortcodes are also available.

WP To Twitter

I hope you find the plugin useful. You can find more information about what it can do at the link below :)


Link: WP to Twitter

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