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In a January 7th blog post, WooThemes co-founder Adii Pienaar announced that the much anticipated move to Zendesk and corresponding reactivation of a community forum are now complete. The company, which is best known for its WooCommerce management system, had notified customers in late October of last year that it planned on making the move in an effort to improve its support site-wide. The changes had originally been scheduled to go into effect in December, but the move was delayed until now.

“As promised in December, our new Support Helpdesk – and more importantly – Community Forum is now live,” Pienaar wrote in his January 7th post.

WooThemes ZenDesk Support

“We know you’ve been asking & waiting for this for a while now and that we missed our original (optimistic) deadline to get it live by mid-December. But we’re happy to report that it’s live, it’s fully functional and we think it looks darn impressive too.”

New Support System Details

The WooThemes co-founder went into detail about the new support system powered by Zendesk. We’ve spent quite a bit of time refining the UI of the default Zendesk instance to better suit the WooCommunity’s needs and we believe that this will be a major improvement on the UserVoice-powered system we had in place in the last couple of months. For starters, Zendesk includes some critical functionality (like being able to track your submitted tickets easily) out-of-the-box, instead of requiring us to hack something together on our side.”

Zendesk has also allowed us to re-enable a Community Forum, with the sanitized data (i.e. minus any private data / login details etc.) of our old support forum. The Community Forum is our answer to your requests of a) having a place to discuss various things with other WooThemes users; and b) to have an extended & more ‘automated’ knowledge repository where you could possibly find answers prior to having to submit support tickets.”

Benefits Of The New System

WooThemes has made the switch to Zendesk not only because it is expected to improve customer support, but also because it will provide superior data and analytics to the site. With Zendesk, Woo’s support reps will be able to quickly identify the number of replies to a specific topic along with the ticket number of resolution time of all tickets. The product and product categories that are responsible for generating the most support will also be easily identified, as will the most popular search terms within the knowledge base.

These are important to the firm for efficiency purposes, and also because they can help prioritize product audits. “Knowing what you’re searching for is a good indication of a) where our products are lacking; or b) which of our documentation / tutorials need some attention. Similar to #2, we want to improve these resources to the extent that we can spend more time innovating on product and less time providing direct support (which can only happen if we get our products close to perfection),” Pienaar adds.

Providing Feedback

WooThemes has advised its fan base ahead of time that the transition to Zendesk will likely be accompanied by preliminary issues that will need to be adjusted and fixed as both the support team and customers gain experience with the new system. Any current client can go directly to the WooThemes Community Forum right away and check out the changes.

Those who would like to get a glimpse at the new customer support system can do so by clicking here.

We will continue to keep you up to date on the latest happenings at WooThemes and other companies that specialize in the creation of premium WordPress templates and plugins.

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