What Is Your Favorite Color Scheme? (Poll)

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WordPress themes can offer users an enormous amount of functionality when it comes to website navigation and administration. With dozens of widgetized slots, featured content sliders that cycle through post images in a variety of ways plus custom page templates with separate blog, portfolio, and gallery feeds, it’s easy to see why approximately one-quarter of all websites are now run on WordPress. However, the final design of any site is ultimately decided by its owner/webmaster, and even the fanciest layouts can come off as irrelevant if the overall color scheme is not spot on. In this article, we will look at three general color schemes and ask our readers which they prefer.

No Color

Believe it or not, quite a few WordPress websites do well without ever adding any color at all. Through black/white/gray blends, a blog site can successfully attract readers without turning them off by introducing a complicated color palette. Of course, many designers shun the gray percentage tones and there are quite a few limits placed on a site’s visuals when you completely do away with any mixture of the Red, Yellow and Blue primary colors.

Urban Edge Design

Still, text-heavy formats can thrive by “keeping it simple,” especially when dealing with an online newspaper or specific media theme that can exact the most out of such a design. There are even premium WordPress templates purposely coded for WordPress sites that require a black/white/gray color scheme. If your photographic content contains eye-catching, colored material, then a no-color option can work as a way to highlight your images and bring out the best in them.

Earth Tones

Feather Color Schemes

Dealing in Earth Tones is a concept that has been innovated by Elegant Themes founder Nick Roach. As a matter of fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find more than 10% of his templates that work off of flashy colors. Roach prefers to let the “subdued” colors and shades do the talking, and the results have been extremely positive. ET currently has a premium membership count of more than 167,000 – all of whom pay $39 per year for perpetual updates to 80 themes within the company’s catalog along with access to future releases.

Feather Color Schemes

Ironically, Elegant Themes offers a download called “Earthly Touch” which uses natural shades of brown and orange to give off a rich, textured feel that can blend well with the content insertions of many sites. You’ll also see a lot of online cafes incorporate some form of earth tone combination to entice customers to order out or visit a brick & mortar location.

Flashy, Sharp Colors

If you’re going for a “modern” feel that will stand out and visually mesmerize your visitors, then a sharp color scheme could be the way to go. There is also a lot to be said about a new wave of music templates aimed at bands that rely on live performances along with online digital media sales to cultivate and maintain that all-important fan base.

London Creative WordPress Theme

At the end of the day, you could even implement a well-designed, over-the-top color scheme to offset black & white photographs and images… it all really depends on your site’s specific needs and goals.

Vote In This Week’s Poll

This week, we’d like your opinion on what your favorite color scheme is. Of course, there are many websites who use a combination of no-color, earth tone, and flashy palettes to get the job done, but for the sake of this poll, we’re limiting the options to three and requesting that only one selection be chosen.

Check back next week for our follow-up article which will outline the final tallies and examine why readers opted for the winning choice.

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Comments (3)

  • Comment by Nadia Bagus
    Nadia Bagus

    I think black color is the most significant color for any theme used in a website,it gives a clean look to it.

  • Comment by Jonathan

    Out of the 3, no doubt, earth tones.

  • Comment by Keely

    There needs to be an “other” option.

    I don’t mind black/white/grey but I prefer a visual concept that is eye-pleasing and works.
    Could be ANY set of colours, as long as the colours work together.