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Twitter plays a big part in many bloggers and web developers lives. It’s a great platform for building relationships with other bloggers and developers and is used by thousands for promoting their site too (it’s also a way of getting something off your chest!).

The default installation of WordPress is not integrated with Twitter but there are dozens of plugins available which will add Twitter functionality to your site. Today I will be looking at 50 of the best :)

Friend & Followers Widgets

Widgets which display your friends and followers to your readers :)

1. TwitterGrid

A basic plugin which shows the people you follow in a grid. The size of the grid and the maximum number of images can be set. You can then insert the grid in your widget area.

Twitter Grid WordPress Plugin

Link: TwitterGrid

2. Twitter Friends Widget

Twitter friends allows you to display either your friends or your followers on your blog via a widget. You can remove friends from the list if you want and you can determine how many people are listed on the widget.

Twitter Friends Widget

Link: Twitter Friends Widget

3. Twitter Blogroll

Shows your friends or followers via a widget. The size of users avatars can be adjusted or usernames can be used instead.

Twitter Blogroll WordPress Plugin

Link: Twitter Blogroll

4. Tweep Roll

Shows a list of people you follow and displays their description too.

Tweep Roll WordPress Plugin

Tweet Widgets

Widgets which show your recent activity on Twitter and/or stats :)

5. Twitter Profile

The official Twitter widget is inserted into your site using Javascript rather than a plugin though it remains one of the best methods of displaying your followers.

Twitter Profile Widget

Link: Twitter Profile

6. Tweet Stats

A widget which shows the either the latest or the most retweets of your blog posts. Note, this plugin requires the TweetBacks to be installed in order to work correctly.

Tweet Stats WordPress Plugin

Link: Tweet Stats

7. TweetBox

A minimal widget which displays the latest tweets in your blog sidebar or footer.

Tweetbox Widget

Link: TweetBox

8. My Twitter

A customisable Twitter widget which gives you a huge amount of control over how your tweets are displayed.

My Twitter WordPress Plugin

Link: My Twitter

9. TwiBadge

Identical to the official Javascript widget, Twibadge does the same job except as a plugin. The main benefit of this is that you can customise the widget and change foreground and background colours.

Twibadge WordPress Widget

Link: TwiBadge

10. Tweet Blender

A great widget which lets you show tweets from multiple authors or from a specific topic using a keyword. The plugin also boasts a professional looking setting area which offers you a huge amount of customisation.

Tweet Blender WordPress Plugin

Link: Tweet Blender

11. TwitterWidget

A sidebar widget which displays the latest tweets from your Twitter account.

Twitter Widget

Link: TwitterWidget

12. Twitter Widget Pro

The default version of this widget is pretty basic though it can be improved easily by wrapping it inside a CSS class of your own.

Twitter Widget Pro

Link: Twitter Widget Pro

13. Tweeter!

A widget plugin which shows the latest tweets in your sidebar.

Tweeter! WordPress Plugin

Link: Tweeter!

14. Twitter Goodies

Contains a latest tweets widget and a search widget.

Twitter Goodies WordPress Plugin

Link: Twitter Goodies

ReTweet Buttons

ReTweet buttons to help promote your articles :)

15. Tweetmeme

Tweetmeme provide the most well known Twitter plugin on the net – the infamous ‘Retweet’ button. The best way to promote your articles via Twitter.

Tweetmeme WordPress Plugin

Link: Tweetmeme

16. Twit-This

Adds the TwitThis button before or after your blog post (or both). You can also add the button to pages and to your RSS feed.

TwitThis WordPress Plugin

Link: Twit-This

17. Retweet

Adds the ReTweet.com button to your index, pages and posts. The button can be placed at the top or bottom of the article.

ReTweet.com Button WordPress Plugin

Link: Retweet

18. Topsy

A retweet button for the tweet powered search engine Topsy. The plugin boasts a a huge number of features. In addition to adding the Topsy retweet button you can add tweets as comments, add TopLinks badges, add hashtags to retweets, and much more.

Topsy Button WordPress Plugin

Link: Topsy

19. Retweet Anywhere

Allow users to retweet your posts without them having to sign in via Twitter. You need to register an application with Twitter to get an API key in order for this plugin to work.

Retweet Anywhere WordPress Plugin

Link: Retweet Anywhere

20. TwitterThisPost

Add a link underneath your blog post for users to Tweet about the article.

TwitterThisPost WordPress Plugin

Link: TwitterThisPost


Plugins which will promote your blog posts and encourage others to follow you on Twitter :)

21. TweetMeme Twitter Follow Button

Another plugin from Tweetmeme, the Twitter Follow Button adds a small follow button to your blog via a widget.

TweetMeme Twitter Follow Button

If the user clicks on the follow button a pop up will appear showing more information about the Twitter account.

TweetMeme Twitter Follow Button

Link: TweetMeme Twitter Follow Button

22. WP-FollowMe

WP-FollowMe adds a a flash ‘Follow Me’ badge to the side of your site. The badge can be placed on the left or right hand side of the page and the distance from the top of the page can be changed too.

WP FollowMe WordPress Plugin

Link: WP-FollowMe

23. TwitterCounter

A plugin which works with the TwitterCounter service to show the number of Twitter followers you have. A number of different counters can be chosen.

TwitterCounter WordPress Plugin

You can also display the latest Twitter users who have viewed your blog with the Twitter Remote option.

TwitterCounter WordPress Plugin

Link: TwitterCounter

Updating Twitter

A list of plugins which update Twitter followers with your latest blog posts :)

24. WordTwit

A useful plugin which automatically tweets about new blog posts to your followers. The article URL can be shortened by a variety of services such as TinyURL or bit.ly and a prefix can be added to tweets too. You can also include or exclude posts from a certain category.

WordTwit WordPress Plugin

Link: WordTwit

25. Post to Twitter

A basic plugin which lets you update Twitter when a post is published on your site.

Post to Twitter WordPress Plugin

Link: Post to Twitter

26. WP to Twitter

Allows you to update your blog using the Cli.gs or Bit.ly URL shortening service. The plugin offers a huge amount of control over your tweets via the settings page.

WP to Twitter WordPress Plugin

Link: WP to Twitter

27. WP Post to Twitter

Updates your Twitter account automatically and shortens links via TinyURL. Also lets you update your Twitter account from the admin area.

WP Post to Twitter

Link: WP Post to Twitter

28. Send to Twitter

A basic Twitter updating plugin which uses the URL shortening service ir.pe.

Send to Twitter

Link: Send to Twitter

30. Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder lets you update your Twitter account with a short message or prefix before the title of the post.

Bird Feeder WordPress Plugin

Link: Bird Feeder


These plugins integrate your blog with Twitter and offer a range of features

31. Twitter Tools

The popular plugin from well known WordPress guru Alex King lets you a number of things including:

  • Tweet from your sidebar or admin panel
  • Display your latest posts on your sidebar via a widget
  • Create a blog post from your tweets
  • Create a weekly digest of your tweets
  • Create a tweet every time you post

The screenshot below shows you the ‘latest tweets’ and ‘tweet from sidebar’ widget in action.

Twitter Tools WordPress Plugin

Link: Twitter Tools

32. Commentwitter (removed)

Jon Bishops Commentwitter adds a Twitter form to your comment area. This allows users to tweet their comments (with a link back to your blog via bit.ly). You can also tweet all comments to your own Twitter account and add a prefix to each tweet (e.g. Latest Comment:).

33. TweetSuite

Dan Zarella’s TweetSuite offers you a huge range of integration options including server side TweetBacks, ReTweet and a Digg like Tweet This buttons, automatic Tweeting of new posts, and a huge selection of widgets including most tweets and recently tweeted.

Tweetsuite WordPress Plugin

Link: TweetSuite

34. TwitterLink Comments

Andy Baileys replacement of WP Twitip adds a Twitter field to the comment area.

TwitterLink Comments WordPress Plugin

If the user enters their Twitter username a link will appear to their Twitter account with their comment.

TwitterLink Comments WordPress Plugin

Link: TwitterLink Comments

35. TwitterDash

Adds the latest updates from your Twitter account to your WordPress admin dashboard. You can update your own Twitter account using this too.

Twitterdash WordPress Plugin

Link: TwitterDash

36. TweetBacks

Imports your tweets as comments so that the full conversation is shown on your blog.

Tweetbacks WordPress Plugin

Link: TweetBacks

37. Tweetable

A big plugin which uses Twitter’s OAuth protocol to authenticate and access your Twitter account therefore you need to register your site in order to use it.

Features include:

  • Automatically tweet about your blog posts when they are published
  • Update your Twitter account within your WordPress admin area
  • Display your latest tweets in your sidebar
  • Add a ReTweet button to your blog posts

Tweetable WordPress Plugin

Link: Tweetable

38. Twittar

Twittar shows Twitter avatars in the comment area by matching the commenters email to their Twitter account. If no email is registered with Twitter for that account their gravatar image will be used.

Twittar WordPress Plugin

Two other avatar plugins you might want to consider are Twitter Avatar and Twitter Avatar Reloaded.

Link: Twittar

39. Twitter Blackbird Pie

Allows you to add beautiful looking tweets from your Twitter account. The image below was generated using the code [blackbirdpie id=”15835961020″] i.e. 15835961020 was the ID of the tweet.

Twitter Blackbird Pie WordPress Plugin

Link: Twitter Blackbird Pie

40. Pro Twitter

Contains a number of features such as a customisable Tweet This button and a Twitter counter.

Pro Twitter WordPress Plugin

Link: Pro Twitter

41. Retweeters

Shows the latest people to retweet your posts as a widget on your sidebar. It also shows the number of retweets of your article and can list them below your comment form.

Retweeters WordPress Plugin

Link: Retweeters

42. NewsTweet

Displays the latest tweets from Twitter for a given keyword or phrase (via a widget). A handy way to show up to date news on your blog.

NewsTweet WordPress Plugin

Link: NewsTweet

43. LifeStream

A quality plugin which lets you stream updates from 60 social media and internet services.

LifeStream WordPress Plugin

Once you have added some of your feeds, you can insert the results into a page, post or a template. The results are displayed in a chronological fashion just like Twitter or Facebook.

LifeStream WordPress Plugin

Link: LifeStream

44. Twit Connect

Uses the Twitter oAuth to let visitors leave a comment by signing in to Twitter. The users avatar will also be displayed in your comment area (if gravatars are enabled). Users can also send a message through their Twitter account automatically to let people know they just left a comment.

Twit Connect WordPress Plugin

Link: Twit Connect

45. Twitter Friendly Links

A quick and easy way to shorten your links using your own domain name instead of a url shortener such as bit.ly or tinyurl. The plugin works well with other Twitter plugins such as Retweet Anywhere, Twitter Tools and Twit This.

Link: Twitter Friendly Links

46. Author Tweets

Adds an author box at the bottom of every post which displays the authors bio, website and latest tweet. A new Twitter username field is added to profile page once this plugin is activated.

Link: Author Tweets

47. Twitter Profile Field

Adds a Twitter username field to profile pages. This can then be added to posts, pages and widgets using the provided shortcode.

Twitter Profile Field WordPress Plugin

Link: Twitter Profile Field


48. TwitPic

Display thumbnails of your latest image uploads to TwitPic on your sidebar. The number of images and the size of the thumbnail can be adjusted.

TwitPic WordPress Plugin

Link: TwitPic

49. TwitPic-It

A useful plugin which lets you simultaneously upload images to your blog and your TwitPic account.

TwitPic It WordPress Plugin

Once you have set it up you will see an option in your media upload section to upload the image to TwitPic.

TwitPic It WordPress Plugin

Link: TwitPic-It

50. Twitter Image Host

Allows you to upload your images to your blog instead of relying on a service such as TwitPic.

Twitter Image Host WordPress Plugin

The plugin shortens the url of the uploaded image to give a shortened url such as www.site.com/znjiw. The image is placed in a page on your blog which means that like other image hosting services, people can leave comments. However, the image page is not listed in your blog archives.

Twitter Image Host WordPress Plugin

link: Twitter Image Host

I hope you found this list of plugins for Twitter useful. If I have missed out any good Twitter plugins for WordPress from the list please share them with everyone in the comment area. I’m sure other WordPress users would appreciate this :)


Note: All plugins listed in this article were tested in WordPress 3.0 beta 2.

The following plugins were not included because they did not work during testing:
Tweetroll, Twitter Feed, Twitt-Twoo, Twitter Bubble, Multi Twitter Stream, Twitter Stream, Tweet Push.

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