Uncensor the Web by Proxying Traffic Through Your Blog with RePress

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Have you ever wanted to have your own personal Web proxy server? Do you disagree with Web censorship? Are you against those what want to limit freedom of speech? Well, the RePress WordPress plugin gives you the ability to uncensor any website on the Internet. In some countries like Iran, Syria, and China, there are various websites that are blocked.

This means that Internet users in those countries have no way of accessing certain websites, unless they find a Web proxy that will reroute the traffic and make it accessible to them. This is where you come in. You can help those who are oppressed by these limitations, by installing the RePress WordPress plugin..

Once you install RePress, your WordPress blog will immediately become a proxy for any websites that you specify within the settings. Under your dashboard Settings tab, you’ll find RePress. In the options you’ll have to give RePress its own unique permalink; this is where people will be able to go to “uncensor the Web”. Each link will take them to a proxied version of the website.

RePress Proxy Page - Uncensor the Web

You can also add and remove domains to your uncensor list within the options.

RePress WordPress Plugin Options

For such a big help that this plugin offers to those who are blocked from specific websites, this plugin really does require little work or effort to get going.

Note: RePress is currently in the Alpha release stage, so it may be a bit unstable.

Link: RePress