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Way back in March I announced the launch of VaultPress, the backup service from WordPress developers Auttomatic. I received a ‘golden ticket’ from them a few days to a sign up as a beta member so it must be very close to launch.

Their are 3 pricing plans: Basic ($15 a month), Premium ($40 a month) and Enterprise (Not available yet). The more expensive packages come with extras such as security monitoring and audit trails.

VaultPress Pricing

The service is apparently built on the same platform which hosts WordPress.com (which has around 14 million blogs). It has a host of features to ensure that your website is never lost such as retrieval of lost files from the dashboard, live ticker message updates, spam protection, expert support and much more.

There are a few backup services available today such as BackUpBuddy and BlogVault though I have no doubt that VaultPress will become the benchmark for WordPress backup services.

It will be interesting to see what large websites start using VaultPress to backup their data. I recommend looking into it if you are looking for a fast and efficient backup service.

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Link: VaultPress

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  • Comment by Lisa Long
    Lisa Long

    @Deepak, backup/monitoring doesn’t have to be quite so expensive, and you should have it for non-WordPress sites too. CodeGuard (www.codeguard.com) extends the malware monitoring, can handle non-WordPress sites, and is cheaper. They’re still in closed beta, but you can get in with a free account using “CGLongWM” as the coupon code.

  • Comment by Deepak

    Have been contemplating to get this for my sites since the launch. But the price tag of $15 per month per site, is little steep. Great service those, these guys are trust worthy. Will get this as soon as sites started making some $$$$$ :) .