Control Your Post & Page Dashboards With Post Type Column Editor

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Pippin Williamson has released a useful plugin entitled Post Type Column Editor that lets you control what is set what columns are shown in your post and page dashboards.

You can choose to display post type entry titles, categories, tags, excerpts, authors, custom meta fields, thumbnails, and custom taxonomies.

It’s incredibly useful for removing post types you need need to see in your dashboard and adding others that are relevant for you.

Post Type Column Editor WordPress Plugin

Columns can be moved around using an easy to use drag and drop interface and you can edit and delete columns easily too.

Post Type Column Editor WordPress Plugin

In the video below Pippin walks you through exactly what the plugin does:

The sign of a great plugin is one that makes you wonder why it isn’t part of the WordPress core. I use WordPress so much that I’ve become a little blind to what information is displayed in the post and page dashboards, even though I look at them every day. Being able to add and remove what post type information in your post and page dashboards is a simple modification but a great example of how you can modify your website so that it does exactly what you want it to do.

I think this will prove particularly useful to those of you who have a lot of staff writing for your website or those of you that build websites for clients; as it allows you to remove post types that you don’t need and add others that are important. I recommend checking it out.

A regular license for post type column editor retails for only $12 from CodeCanyon.

Link: Post Type Column Editor WordPress Plugin